Bill Storie is the Founder of

Scottish by birth, and Chartered Accountant by profession, Bill has worked in Bermuda since 1975. He is an international management consultant, having advised multi-national companies in insurance/reinsurance, finance, investment and telecommunications. He produced the BerBiz e-newsletter for 15 years with a worldwide readership of over 17,000. His recent retirement allows him to share his thoughts, feelings and emotions on a variety of issues affecting the largest growing demographic group in the world today. Welcome to Olderhood.

He lives in Bermuda.

Contact Bill at


Robin Trimingham is Co-Founder of

She is responsible for site design, production control and marketing. She also handles all editorial decisions, and contributes her own material.

Robin has held senior positions in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry in Western Canada and Bermuda. She previously worked for the Chamber of Commerce, and a blue chip investment management organization, in Bermuda.

She lives in Bermuda.

Contact Robin at

RAC-digital-printRoger Crombie is Chief Imagineer of

English by birth, Chartered Accountant by profession, Roger is one of the leading business journalists and writers in the world. Over the years, he has written thousands of articles about global insurance and reinsurance, investment and other financial matters. His work has been published in many international magazines, newspapers and other media. Roger is also a prolific writer on the more humorous aspects of life, and now as an Oldster himself, his outlook on life reflects years of not taking life too seriously, yet having the wisdom to separate the important issues from the petty annoyances of life.

He lives in London.

Contact Roger at

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