How many people over the age of 50 would want to be younger..? The answer is none.

 How many people over the age of 50 want to feel younger and more energetic…?

The answer is everyone.

 If we take care of our bodies and minds ; if we eat right ; if we drink in moderation ; if we do some exercise ; if we enjoy peace of mind … then there is every chance that that some of those feelings of being “young again” can be achievable.

We can never turn the clocks back and we don’t want to but those who are not our age, but think they know us, actually believe we DO want to turn the clocks back. They don’t understand we have no desire to relearn all those life lessons – what we want is to have new experiences and a body fit enough to make the trip!

There is no denying that our bodies do try to tell us when they need attention. The trick is to learn to listen to that squeaky knee and drown out the pleading for chocolate cake! To this end look forward to posts on nutrition, fitness, travel and wellness.

It is not the objective of Olderhood to provide medical advice – we are not physicians.

Our goal is to bring quality articles to you from reputable sources on a wide range of medical topics and let you read and decide for yourself. If an article leaves you wondering if you should seek a medical opinion – discuss it with a qualified medical practitioner.

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