Need to drink more water?

If you have been following along you will recall that we posted an excerpt from the US federal government’s dietary guidelines a couple of weeks ago which highlighted how important it is for older adults to drink more fluids, particularly water. This is even more important in warm weather as older people become dehydrated more quickly because as you age; your body’s ability to conserve water is reduced, your ability to sense that you are thirsty can diminish, and your body is typically less able to respond to changes in temperature.

As someone who has always struggled to appreciate the taste of water, I thought I would share a few simple ideas for improving the taste without adding sugar, carbonation, unneeded calories, or salt.

If your tap water has a funny smell or taste, you may find that boiling it in a kettle and then storing it in a nonreactive container in the fridge may well be all it takes to improve the taste. If you are looking for a more adventurous solution, try one of the following:

  • Place four mint (caffeine free) teabags in an empty jug, Fill half way with boiling water and then fill to the top with cold water. Store in the fridge until fully chilled.
  • Squeeze the juice of one quarter of a fresh lime into the bottom of a tall glass and then fill to the top with water and ice
  • Measure 3 tablespoons unsweetened organic pomegranate juice into a tall glass and then squeeze the juice of a large wedge of lemon into the glass. Fill to the top with water and ice.
  • Make a large mug of Pukka detox tea (which contains organic aniseed, fennel and cardamom and is available at most health food stores) and let it stand until completely cool before drinking.

For additional ideas, you might also check out the recipes that were posted on which is written by a registered nurse. A sample recipe follows below:

Give your digestion a boost: Ginger/mint/lemon

§  In a large pitcher add sliced organic lemon and sliced ginger

§  Muddle the mint in a mortar and pestle

§  Add to the pitcher and pour water on top

§  Let sit in the fridge over night for best flavour

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