Is it low testosterone?

We have all heard that a decrease in testosterone levels is to be expected as you age. But did you know that only about thirty percent of men tested actually have low testosterone levels?

Thanks to a global advertising campaign by the pharmaceutical industry, the stigma of discussing intimate matters with one’s doctor has diminished and men with a variety of vague symptoms including, depression, weakness, excessive fatigue, as well as a loss of sex drive are finally seeking medical advice.

A simple blood test can provide a lot of answers. Sometimes the symptoms are attributable to low testosterone, but according to a Men’s Health feature on, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, thyroid problems, testicular cancer, HIV, infection, chronic liver or kidney disease and obesity are also possibilities.

If it is in fact “Low T” your doctor might recommend a prescription such as Viagra. Although quite effective, until now this has been a fairly costly solution. However, as of today, June 22, 2013 the famous Viagra patent, held by Pfizer has expired.

Pfizer has held the patent since 1990 after it developed the erectile dysfunction aid in its plant in Sandwich, Kent, in the UK. Sales around the world are approximately $2.5 Billion per annum, even allowing for its very expensive price tag.

What does this mean…?…..a price war.

It is expected that at least ten other manufacturers will launch their own versions almost immediately and the current high price per pill will plummet. Pfizer will also launch its own new version under the medical name Sildenafil.

It will still be a prescription-only drug, but with the price set to drop, it is expected that sales volumes will correspondingly rise sharply. Men around the world can rejoice (probably some of the girls as well).

For more information on Viagra checkout:  This is Gloucestershire

For more information on Low Testosterone start here:

Contributed by Bill Storie, Bermuda

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