how will you be celebrating sixty?

How will you be celebrating sixty?

I was reading in The Royal Gazette today about an orthopaedic surgery who celebrated his sixtieth birthday by paddling a kayak about the island of Bermuda. Covering a distance of 69 miles in  just less than nine hours is no small feat at any age – but it is particularly remarkable for a grandfather. Not only did this tenacious doctor train for six months to prepare for this marathon, he set off well before dawn and completed the journey entirely alone.

While this particular solo expedition might not be your idea of achieving a personal milestone, the idea behind it is very inspiring. What if, instead of buying a recliner, or moaning about the five more years of work until retirement, everyone set a new challenge for themselves twelve months prior to their sixtieth birthday and celebrated the completion of this accomplishment on their birthday? What if instead of lamenting the things that you can no longer do, we dug a little deeper and committed to do one thing that we still really wanted to do? Or planned a trip to the place that we never thought we would get to see? What if we put aside out fear of “looking foolish” and invited our friends and relatives to follow our progress on social media? What if we showed people just what age and experience can really do?

… Have we got you thinking??? Good. Click here if you want to read the story referenced above. Or better yet, send us a message and let us know how you will be celebrating sixty this year!

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