Are you getting enough vitamins?

Perhaps the real question should be “why to take vitamins..?”

I appreciate that if we eat a balanced diet then we should be getting our daily vitamins from our food. But to be honest I have never really been sure that I do get the vitamins that I NEED. But how can I tell …?

I accept that the vitamin industry wants me to believe that I need their product, and that they are in the most cases, reputable companies. I understand that. However I wish someone would develop a meter or something, that would tell me exactly what vitamins I actually need in my body.

I just think it’s very difficult to (a) choose which vitamins I need, then (b) decide if they are having any effect. I accept that taking a multi-vitamin may be the solution, but what if my body needs more Vitamin C for example. How would I know without a blood test…?

I really do believe that the vitamin supplement regimen is very important. But I would like to know why it’s important, and more critically I would like to whether it is having an impact on me. I would like to know if the combinations I take are working for me. My quandary is that if I have the right combination, then should I not feel on top of my game EVERY day. Conversely, if I have an off day, then is that because the combination is wrong, or because something else has triggered it – bad food, lack of sleep, not enough water, stress, etc.

Having said that, I do believe that as I get older, I need to be very clear what vitamins I should take and equally importantly when I should take them. For years I took most of my vitamins at night before I go to bed. Some others I would take in the morning, but I am changing that routine now.

I find that either by taking the vitamins at night, or perhaps taking the wrong combination at night, or perhaps just taking the wrong vitamins altogether, that I can easily wake up with a headache. I drink a lot of water before bedtime, during the night and when I wake up, but the headaches still seem to be what I call a “dehydration headache”. Maybe I still don’t drink enough water, but yet again the complexity of vitamins etc, is a really confusing issue.

The permutations are endless – and therein lies the problem.

I am going to do some further research and report back on my findings in future updates.

In the interim, if you are interested in learning more about this subject, you can check out the following article at, which has helped me to think about this more.

© Bill Storie 2013.

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