Migrating from Employment to Enjoyment Part II

This is my third ever blog.

In my first ever blog I briefly explained the theme of this blog
Migrating from Employment to Enjoyment.

In my second ever blog, I mentioned a few things as I approach the date of leaving the Bank (July 15th).

In this my third ever blog, the first thing I’ll do is stop telling you that it’s my “third ever blog” Gets tedious after a while. So, I’m stopping that here and now, you’ll be pleased to hear.

So, where am I now….?


Well, I’m getting closer to D-Day. It has now been set for July 15th.Not far away. I have a new office now. It’s a small place just down the road (Bermudiana Road) from the Bank. I’ve got about 200 or so square feet, which is more than enough. Meets the budget as well.

I didn’t want anything fancy. No Renoirs on the wall. Although a carpet would be nice. Just kidding – I have very nice wood flooring. I do have a window, daylight looms. I now look straight into the XL Insurance building. Keeping an eye on my shares. Which raises a sore point with me, which I’m embarrassed to talk about ….. but, now that I can say whatever I want (even about myself) then what the heck…?

I bought 4,000 shares in XL a few years back at $2.87. I had tracked it all the way down from about $80 if I recall. I jumped in. Having watched it go up and down for quite some time, I decided I would ride it up, which it did. Once it hit about $4.50 I sold, made a nice wee profit, then waited for it to fall again, to but back in and get more shares. It never fell again. Never. It is now $31.. yes $31. Not only does that annoy me, but the intention had been to have used their DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment), to take new shares instead of cash dividends. I reckon by now I would have over 6,000 shares. Find a calculator and do the sums, then appreciate how stupid I feel.

The moral of that wee snippit is that if you ever feel like you need investment advice call someone who knows.

Not sure why I wandered off to tell you that, but I’m allowed to wander in retirement. So there… !!

So, back to the migration planning. Got the office. Getting the furniture. Getting a new laptop. Will splash out, and get a new Blackberry (thank you Butterfield Bank for the use of yours). Still working on the succession planning. My “things to do” list is rapidly becoming my “things I’ve done” list. I’m knackered.

Here endeth the third ever blog…… oops.
Stay tuned.

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