Migrating from Employment to Enjoyment Part III


retirement (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

A month from D-Day. I’m really beginning to get excited.

I’ve spoken to several people who have said that once the decision to retire has been made, the feeling is one of relief and happiness. But then they tell me, you start to have doubts as the day approaches until you are a wee bit paranoid about having made the decision. I don’t feel like that at all.

I imagine that if the day after retirement you intend to do nothing, then maybe that’s what you feel…nothing. That thought, the thought of doing nothing, would indeed be a really scary one. I just can’t see myself going along that path.

A number of years ago I was very friendly with a man who was a giant in British industry – Sir Ian McGregor. He, at one time, had been the Chairman of British Steel (appointed by Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister at the time), then he became chairman of British Coal. A likeable, but controversial, character. He and I would lunch once or twice a month. He always said that he would never retire. He would stay active until the day he passed. That is precisely what he did. A great lad I have to say.

Having started this Blog, and especially being helped by others, has been a tremendous support mechanism. I can’t wait to get started full-time on it. We have been slowly building the website and it is looking fabulous. By the time you read this we will have launched it and you’ll be reading this on the new site…… and of course, by now, you will know what name we’ve given to it. I’m delighted with the name, the construction, the team, the content, and the overall purpose of the blog

I always said that I would want to do more writing in retirement. I’ve done some scribbling over the years for several business publications and websites. But my biggest concern was that I would write but never be published. Problem solved.

I think we’ve managed to get the right balance in the blog, and I’m hoping that we will develop contributors from around the world. We did a soft launch in early June and the feedback, from professionals, other bloggers and followers has been most encouraging. We are already linked to well over 200 other relevant websites, and have prominence in Google etc. Early days, but very exciting.

I will maintain this “diary blog” of my thoughts and feelings to keep you updated on how I’m handling the end of the 9-5 routine. I will be writing other random articles on the blog and commenting on articles from other sources which I think will be of interest to you.

I’ll pen another update just before D-day, so stay tuned. …

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