Finally Free

D-Day has arrived. Hoo-woo.

I write this on July 18, 2013 – a few days now into this retirement gig. I must say I’m enjoying the freedom.

I can’t say that I feel any older, or wiser, or better looking. I just feel liberated. I no longer have to bite my tongue when dealing with work situations or people. If I don’t like something or someone, I can walk away. I won’t be rude, but I will be assertive. If I like it, I’ll listen. If I don’t, I won’t.

The new office is up and running. It’s small, but cosy. It is all I need. I can “feel” good work being done there. Very private. Visitors will be welcome by appointment. A month in advance ;-))))

The moving in wasn’t too bad – desk, sofa, chairs, tables etc. New laptop. The biggest drawback was trying to get the communications sorted out and budgeted. Boy oh boy, do those technical sales people know how to talk gibberish. I would embarrass too many service providers were I to share the events and discussions and decisions made by them. Maybe one day !!

My leaving the Bank was low-key and dignified (with a couple of disappointments from people who should have known better, but c’est la vie). I leave some very good, decent and dedicated people behind. I wish them every success in the job and in their lives. They deserve much happiness and success. I hope my management style has helped them distinguish the relevant from the stupidity of some business procedures.

I bought a new Vespa scooter. To those of you who do not live here, please understand that Bermuda is a small place and we are allowed one car per household. So we all have small motorbikes. I have had a variety of different bikes over the years (mainly Peugeot), but I always wanted a Vespa – made in Italy. Now that I’ve grown up, I can get one. It’s blue and 125 cc. I scoot around all over the place. A Boy-Toy indeed.

Another wonderful event took place this week (actually the same day I retired) ….. my daughter gave birth to a new granddaughter. The new baby already has a big sister, so two girls now. My other daughter has two boys. So a complete set now. Lovely.

I have to get organized with a new routine. Thankfully the new office is 2 minutes away from the old office, so I know the area ….. coffee shop, Italian restaurant right next door, drug store up the street, dry cleaners on the other side, gas station up the street. Simples.

I have also decided to leave home around 9 am to miss the traffic. Such luxury. I will not feel any guilt about arriving “at work” at 9.30 am. Who knows, I may even leave at 4 pm.

This retirement gig might just work (oops a 4-letter word that I don’t use any more)…. !!!

Migrating from Employment to Enjoyment.

P.s. I have been writing this diary for a few weeks, hence the five starter blogs……… I will be doing my weekly update every Friday.

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