So much to do!

This past week I have been heard, on numerous occasions, to mutter, “I thought this retirement gig was supposed to be stress free..?”

This was launch week.

We launched around the world. A lot of work + a great team + trustworthy articles = success.

And we re-launched the BerBiz e-newsletter. BerBiz was a newsletter I published in a former life, for about 15 years, and gained about 17,500 readership at its peak (long before the social media networking available today). It was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I never charged for it, and only occasionally accepted a wee bit of advertising. It opened so many doors for me and was a solid platform for my consulting business. It still has an extensive mailing list, so I thought that with the introduction of Olderhood, then maybe some of those BerBiz subscribers would now be old enough to enjoy.

They say that pressure – when it is fun stuff – can be good for you. They call it “stress” – but in a nice way. If it’s stress in a bad way, it’s called “distress” I guess.

Well this week has been a nice kind of stress. Getting the newsletter wrapped up and the list re-ignited and so forth is a bit of a challenge. It’s not really difficult, but there’s always a tension to get it right. For example, in the template for the Announcement of BerBiz, there was a wee blue box in the top right corner with contact details. When we tested it by sending, and re-sending to ourselves, the wee box was in the bottom right on PC laptops and bottom left on iPads. No, I don’t need any of you techie wizards to explain it to me. Checking e-mail addresses and so forth takes time and patience. People get bombarded with e-mails these days, so I’ve always tried to be succinct and not too intrusive. It worked for years, I hope it still does.

What else this week ?

You’ve all seen the new Vespa scooter, so I need to have it get its first service – 800 km already. In Bermuda? … where do you go?” I hear you ask. No idea.

Lastly this week, I realized that after my banking experience I had put on a few pounds in weight, and that perhaps I should get rid of some of them. I have started my more daily exercise routine again and watching the food intake. It’s working. I’ve dropped several pounds already. But I’m at the first plateau now, so I have cut a deal with my brand new granddaughter (who was born the same day I retired ex Bank – July 15th). Her mama says she needs to put on a few pounds (she’s doing great though) so I reckoned that if I transfer a pound a week from me to her, I would have the much sought-after “win-win”. I may just have found the latest “How to lose weight” phenomenon. I reckon I’ll make millions. Books, videos, even movies.

Stay cool


Migrating from Employment to Enjoyment.

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