Decisions … decisions …

I like Wednesdays.

Well I did this week. I got to the office just before 10.00 am. Read the papers online, checked the bank balances etc – almost time for lunch. Busy day so far.

Then we received our trial shipment of Olderhood mugs and tote bags. They look brilliant.

Now have to figure out how many to get and what to do with them. Decisions, decisions. A wee bit of stress creeping in to my day.

Then I toddled off home just after 3 pm to settle down to watch a big football game from Wembley, London. (Ok,ok, soccer). A “friendly” international between Scotland (yeah !!) against the “Auld Enemy”, England (boo !!). Its been 14 years since these two countries faced each other in any sort of mortal combat. Not sure why. I think the English Football Association were concerned about how many travelling fans descend from the wilds of Scotland for the game – affectionately referred to as The Tartan Army.trafalgar

Not wishing to disappoint their hosts, this time around, the Tartan Army did what they do best – they took over Trafalgar   Square in the middle of London.

The rest of the week, has been filled with Olderhood meetings, phone calls, e-mails and enquiries. It’s getting quite busy now. One of the issues we’ve been discussing is whether we want to do more focused online advertising. We already have wide-ranging mailing lists and so forth, and press contacts all over the place etc., so we’re debating if we should. Somehow the thought of seeing “” splashed along the side of a London Red Bus – £15,000 ($23,000) – one bus, for one week – doesn’t seem a best use of resources. Mind you, if the Tartan Army are in town, you never know. We could hand out Olderhood Tartan mugs.

Bye, Bill

(p.s. don’t ask the score in the game 😦


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