Retirement bliss …

“Will you still feed me, will you still need me, when I’m 64”

I was reading an article this week from Britain which said that the over-65 crowd, nowadays believe that they are NOT “elderly and frail”. And it got me to thinking whether I feel the same way. First things first though, I’m only 64 – so another year could make a big difference !!

The report did say that some 60% refuse to define themselves as being old, which is good. But goes on to say that about the same number reckons that being in this age group, society ignores them, which is bad. I’m not sure what “ignore” means to be honest. I am liking this freedom to do what I please since I retired – all of a month ago. I love it when no-one recognizes me or wants to play with me (!!) . I went through a business life, where every minute of the day, someone “needed” me, sometimes urgently. That was annoying.

In my new, small and private office, I can do as I please. I have been known to have a wee nap in the afternoons, but I shouldn’t really tell that to too many people. Then they’d all want to work for me (oops, that 4-letter word again !!).

If I need to go get something – the grocery store, the pharmacy, the dry cleaners, the take-out for lunch, etc, no-one ignores me. I wonder if having the money to buy what they are selling has something to do with that. I rarely find anyone saying “Oh, here’s that old geezer again, let’s ignore him.”

Oh well … ignorance is bliss.

This week saw the start of our ad campaign on Facebook. Wow, this is stuff complex.

It went well (I think). In fact you may be reading this latest of my personal blogs after having joined Olderhood through Facebook. If so, welcome. If you dig around on the website, you’ll find my ramblings about the lead-up to my retirement – the thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s riveting stuff. I have gone through the statistics and demographics at length and discovered that there are Oldsters (our name for those of us “of age”) all over the place. Who knew. Mind you, I’m not quite sure what a 22 year old student in Cairo
is learning from us … but hopefully we have not led her too far astray !!.

The response has been staggering to be truthful and it does tell us that if quality content is provided, then there is considerable following. I believe our standard is high, from our resident writing team, and next week we will be introducing Guest Contributors as well. We strive to appeal to the global audience, and not focus entirely on specific countries. Too much tax-unique information, for example, for one country would be of no interest outside that country, so we’re trying to cover all angles.

In other words, WE promise NOT to IGNORE YOU… just don’t ask us to do yer taxes!

Bye, Bill

2 responses to “Retirement bliss …

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  2. Hi Bill I can relate to everything you are saying about retirement and being able to do as one pleases, especially the wee nap. As my wife still works though I now do the weekly shop to Tesco and yes I know I can buy online but that’s for the future.

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