The nap factor

“So, do you take a nap EVERY day now that you’ve retired..?” he asked.

“Pretty much” I said.

This was a man I worked with for a few years.

“I always wondered why you’d never schedule meetings around the 2.00 pm time slot” he said. “Now I know”

I explained that my body clock seems to have been set to have a wee nap around 2 pm every afternoon and that while I had a day job, I could never schedule a snooze of course, but I always felt dozy at that time. Hence, no meetings. On the odd occasion when I had no alternative but to take a meeting at that time, I probably wasn’t at my usual speed. Ah well, those days are behind me and I can now do as I wish. And to those of you reading this, who were always surprised at my calm demeanour in our 2 pm meetings (unusual I agree !!), I apologise. I don’t really, but it’s just the nice thing to say.

I’m still however, trying to work out whether having a nap in the afternoon – and truth be told I don’t do it every afternoon – whether it affects my nighttime sleep pattern. I have to say that since “R-Day”(July 15th), my sleeping patterns have changed quite a bit. I still wake very early, but instead of writing notes to myself about work matters, I seem to be more inclined to write articles for the blogsite, or research material to share, or read the newspapers from around the world, or watch videos for our music section, etc. I suppose that could still be classified as work, but nowadays I don’t see it that way. So there !!

I told you last week that we’d started a Facebook ad campaign. It’s going well – I think. But they don’t make it user-friendly, let me tell you. So Mark, if you’re reading this (he reads every posting on his creation I’m told), any chance you could call your Business Sales Team and tell them to reply to me…? On the other hand, if, as I am beginning to suspect, your Business Sales Team is a life-sized robot in Malaysia, could you recharge its batteries and plug it in. There’s a good lad.

Lastly we started to advertise locally here in Bermuda on a website called– which is a buy and sell website for locals to get rid of the stuff they don’t want any more. I doubt our global subscriber base would see much benefit from surfing E-Moo, but it’s our effort to bring the Olderhood concept to the local Oldster market. Have a peek.

Ok, I’m done. Time for a nap methinks.

But for the more energetics amongst you…

”I said to the Gym instructor “Can you teach me to do the splits?”

He said, ”How flexible are you?”

I said, ”I can’t make Tuesdays”

Bye, Bill

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