Testosterone versus technology

“I give up”.

“I am either dense, or lazy, or perhaps my testosterone levels are way too low to be useful in today’s world.” I said.

In Olderhood, one of the software programmes we use is Office 360 Sharepoint – a Microsoft product which allows our Team to post documents etc into the “cloud” so that other members can view download and/or edit. Cute. Well so far.

So, last weekend I uploaded a document which I then wanted to change, so decided to delete the first upload and replace it with the second one. Simple right..? Wrong.

The word “delete” seems to be missing from the Sharepoint site. Those of you who HAVE figured it out will by now be saying, “Rubbish. It’s really easy”. SShhhh !!!

So, I look for the delete button and can’t find it. Therefore, I look at the Help Desk, only to find 3,260 questions posted by other donuts like me and 3 answers…… 2 of which were about something entirely different, one of which was on point, but said nothing.

Looking on the Microsoft Help Desk itself was even more of a maze. I would have been able to walk through the Amazon jungle easier, faster and with less stress. Thanks Bill.

I Googled, I Ask.com’d, I tried. Honest I did.

By now a couple of hours had passed – and let me tell you, a couple of hours at this age is a precious commodity.

Still couldn’t sort it out. So, in disgust I sent an e-mail to our intrepid Editor, Robin.

“Whoa, big fella”, came back the reply. “This is not difficult.”

“Oh yeah, well you work it in less than 4 hours”, I said smugly.

So, 10 minutes later, an e-mail comes back. I reckon she called Bill Gates.

“Do you see three wee dots at the bottom of the page..?”

“Barely” I said.

“ Well click them, then you’ll see three more wee dots, click them and voila you will see “delete”. Simple. Yeah right.

So, here’s my challenge to Mr. Gates and all the 20 year-old testosterone-filled graduates who are determined to pit their unbridled wit against each other to see who can bamboozle the Users more than each other…… send me the Manuals before you publish them, and I promise to act like an idiot, an old one if you will, and come back with suggestions on how to make these things useable.

“User” = “Able to Use”. Duh !!!!

Finally, this week, I’m heartened by the messages, public and private, we’ve had on our Facebook presence. Olderhood is brand new of course, but the input and feedback we’ve had from many people in far-off places has been most encouraging. We’re not trying to be unrealistic by being all things to all people, but if we can offer a thought or two along the way, then we’re happy to do so. Already we are introducing some new avenues of discussion. So thank you, and keep talking to us.

Bye, Bill

I had lunch in my favourite restaurant the other day. Italian. I’ve known them for years. Great people.

I said to the waiter, “I can never make up my mind whether to have Cannelloni or Manicotti. I like them both. What do you think I should have…?

“Manicotti” he said firmly.

“Why..?” I asked.

“Cos we don’t have any Cannelloni”.

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