My new addiction

“I seek neither fortune nor fame”, he said.

Well actually I said those words. Not sure why, but they seemed appropriate.

As those of you who have been with us from the start of Olderhood will know, I have to thank Dame Judy Dench for giving me the inspiration to start this blog. I knew that as I approached retirement, I would want to write. I just wasn’t sure what I would write about. Then Dame Judy, in a movie about retiring people, said, “Read my blog”. Boom, that was it.

I have written most of my business life, although not an author by any stretch of the imagination. Most of my articles were about business, and more specifically about the financial issues of specialized subjects. Not very appealing I admit.

Therefore, I knew that if I had any chance at “blog stardom” I would have to mend my ways.

I suppose I always had a hankering to advise people about how they should see life, or run their life, or change their life. When I was in my 20-40 age zone, I was a good social drinker.

Johnny Walker used to send me Christmas cards. But I always had to be in a nice place, sitting down, with plenty time to enjoy. Standing for a quick drink in a pub waiting for a train was about as much fun as watching paint dry.

Drinking was easy for me. Luckily I never became a bad drunk. I never fought, or shouted, or swore, or any of the stuff that seems to be prevalent these days. I probably wasn’t the teddy bear drunk mind you, especially if there was a discussion/argument available. But I was good company. Then it kinda got the better of me.

I stopped cold chicken (not too fond of turkey).

I had had a really bad night the night before. Woke up, felt horrible. Walked over to a local gym, joined up, started the next day. Declared that drink was over and done with for me. That was over 20 years ago. Never looked back.

What has this to do with writing we both ask i.e. you and me…?

Nothing really, but I was subsequently satisfied enough to believe that if I could relate my story to people in need of help, then maybe I could do them some good. I was not a counselor, never was, never will be. But if through writing, such as this epistle, I could share some thoughts and suggestions with people in need – be that on drinking or anything else – then I could see the merit in doing so.

I imagine I’m vain enough to keep writing about stuff that either I have experienced, or have known about from others. And if by doing so, I can encourage YOU to put pen to paper and share your thoughts with the rest of us, then perhaps I can do you some good and give you a little bit of raison d’etre in your older life. You’d be really surprised about how much you know and could share with those in need.

I’ll make you a deal … if you feel you can scribe stuff but not sure about how it will appear to readers, then send it to me and I’ll work with you on it. Then if we can get it licked into shape, I can further provide the platform for you to be published…… Olderhood.

But, I promise neither fame nor fortune. So there.

2 responses to “My new addiction

  1. i too have heard of people like u, who can stop habits of a lifetime just like that. i know of a chap who told me he just stop smoking period. if u can say how u do it, or what is in your character that makes it so easy for u to just stop an addictive habit… and never get back to it…you will be doing others a great service.

  2. Methinks you offer an itterative editing service, to improve the quality of contributions from inexperienced Bloggers. May it be so, Roger.

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