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IMG-20120930-00129Another busy week in the Hood.

We launched a brand new series called The Granny Blog. The first in a series of tales told by a 65 year old granny with 4 grandkids. Hilarious stuff. We  promoted it through our Facebook presence and the results have been phenomenal to say the least. It will be twice a month, and provides commentary on actual events.

The Granny Blog came about from two angles. A desire by the author to contribute to the Olderhood development on the one hand, plus on the other hand, a recognition by the Olderhood team that our readership would in all probability, associate with such a topic. The recognition from our Facebook promotions has been recognised, and substantiated, by both men and women throughout our global following.

Facebook provides a large number of statistics, which one day I will fully understand. But as far as we are concerned, the demographic analysis of Olderhood has consistently been :-

Age group 45-54           –           33%

Age group 55-64           –           33%

Age group 65+              –           33%

There are daily variations of course, and variations by topic, but the averages are very consistently as shown above. The 1/3 splits seem contrived some might say – not so. These are real data.

So, clearly we are appealing to a broad age band – those approaching retirement, or thinking about retirement and of course, those in retirement. In other words, the issues of interest to one group are of interest to the other two. There is no defined leader.

We use the demographics to identify articles of interest to our followers in Facebook and the Blog itself. I believe the attraction of Olderhood is in the articles themselves of course, but because our writers are in the same age brackets, then we have a first hand sense of what is of interest.

We said from the start that Olderhood was written FOR Oldsters BY Oldsters. The numbers and the demographic analysis support that completely.

And lastly, this week has been a pain in the neck week for me. Literally. I had a sore neck a week or so back and it just isn’t going to quit. Hot showers, heating pads, creams. Nothing works. “It’s an age thing” I said. Maybe so. But today I go to my acupuncture guru who fixes things that I didn’t even know I had a problem with. He’ll sort me out.

Bye, Bill

Funny of the week :-

Be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.



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