Giving Back


Firstly an update for the thousands of people who have enquired about how my pain in the neck is this week (see last week’s blog for you newbies). Well, I exaggerate of course. It wasn’t thousands. In fact, it was less than three. My dog being one.

So to those of you not interested, I won’t tell you. So there!!!

The fact that I am writing this straight on to the computer with no yelps of pain may give you a clue 😉

It’s been a difficult week with Facebook. Somehow our page posts leaked into the world of young “dudes” from all over the world. We got hundreds of Likes from people, I doubt, even in my wildest days I could have Liked back. Weird. There are some really strange looking dudes and dudettes out there, let me tell ya. The way these “people” speak is something way beyond my capacity to comprehend.

“I’m da man”. Fair enough I suppose. That makes your picture clearer. The hat, the chains, the rings, and the hair left me wondering. Thanks dude.

Now, you might ask, why, even though they saw the Olderhood page – which is clearly about dudes and dudettes at the opposite end of the scale – that they would click “Like”. Enquiring minds really do want to know. Don’t ask Facebook Support, because they are as clueless as I am. But fear not, there is a filtering system available (once you find it), so I managed to thwart the invasion. So, the numbers you see on our Facebook Page are genuine.

However, the major event of note this week is that I was invited to become the Treasurer of the local branch of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. For our North American cousins, he’s the dude (oops !!) married to the lady in the big house, affectionately referred to as “Buck House” (Buckingham Palace, London).

The Award Scheme provides leadership and self-awareness programmes for young people (age 15-25) around the world. It has assisted some 8 million people since inception. It is truly one of the finest such programmes in the world and I am honoured to be involved.

In fact, this morning I attended my first external meeting on behalf of the Award Scheme. At the registration desk, the lady in front of me, when asked who she was, named the organisation she was representing. The next lady in line did exactly the same. So when it came my turn, and I was asked who I was, I said “The Duke of Edinburgh”.

While working on the Olderhood development, including writing articles, and also doing some consulting work, I nonetheless wanted to offer my services (pro bono of course) to worthwhile community projects in this retirement phase of my life. I like the idea of “giving back”.

Bye, Bill


Quote of the week :-

If you don’t like the news, go out and make some.

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