Why grannies don’t do aerobics


Why Grannies Don’t Do Aerobics – Sheena Storie / Guest Contributor

Would anyone in their Sixties, who has rheumatoid arthritis, walk around their living for over an hour carrying two five pound bags of potatoes?

No, you laugh, of course not!

But we Grannies might.

I just walked around with my newest grandchild in my arms. She is 6 weeks old and 10 and a half pounds – and cries constantly.

Her mother desperately needed a nap and I didn’t even hesitate to keep her with me.

“I’ll look after her, go on have a nap. It’ll do you the world of good”, I urged her.

I was pleased with my suggestion when the baby’s mama left. But, my granddaughter hadn’t read the memo….

“Oh, grandma was I supposed to sleep?”

So there we were walking and singing around the house. With me patting the fragile little back and hoping she’d close those pretty blue eyes.

Not a chance!!

I tentatively sat on the sofa. She didn’t like that, so I stood up and walked around some more.

How did she know I had sat down?

Life is very different with grandchild number 4. I’m nearly seven years older since I walked the floor with the first one. I don’t remember my arms aching as much.

With my first grandson he got all my attention. I was learning to be a grandparent and the two of us spent many days getting acquainted….he got my undivided attention.

This new little member of my family is going to have to share me with three others.

I walked around and around my living room and promised her she would enjoy as much attention as her sister and cousins.

“Let’s make a deal”, I whispered. “You stop crying and I’ll play with you when you get bigger whenever you want.”

“No deal, Grandma”…..and the crying continued.

So, I walk and sing some more.

I guess she knows what she’s doing, she has all my attention right now. No need to wait until she is bigger!

(After a few visits to the pediatrician and some trial and error remedies, this little one is now on soy milk. She may be lactose intolerant, or have colitis or severe gastric problems but until this is determined, she has relief from her suffering with soy milk. She is much calmer and the crying has now become the normal ‘I’m hungry feed me’ cry).

As my family grows I question if I will be able to spend time with this sweet little girl, or will she have to wait in line to get my attention.

Probably not.

I’ll do what countless Grannies around the world do everyday – carry on with the love and care that Grannies have, and the ability to share themselves with all their grandkids.

Later, when the children have gone home to their parents – take two aspirin (or a glass of wine) and lie down.

Job well done ladies.

Sheena Storie is a grandmother of four children ranging in age from 2 months to 6 years. During her lifetime career as an educator, she was a learning support teacher to children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia.

ssAs Author of The Granny Blog*, Sheena draws on her traditional Scottish upbringing and values, as she relates the real life challenges of being a modern Gran to four active youngsters. Her entertaining writing combines a keen sense of wit and honesty as she navigates the adventures of family life, and offers advice regarding the shepherding of grandkids in today’s complex world.

* TheGrannyBlog.com is a registered domain name of Olderhood.com

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