Reminiscing …

Strachan Boys-crop

This week I have had the pleasure of family visiting from Scotland.

My cousin is 4 years younger than me (hence an Oldster himself !!! – he’ll be reading this, so just reminding him). We are very close.

So he and I have been jogging all week. He jogs my memory. I jog his.

We’ve talked about our respective mothers, who were sisters, and respective fathers. We’ve talked about places we went to as kids and things we did. Boy, does that take me back. A 60-year jog takes its toll.

It’s funny how he remembered stuff that I didn’t, and vice versa.

It really is very true that things we did as kids, albeit so many (many) years ago, can still trigger memories, emotions and feelings long since submerged. The good times, the bad times, the fun times, the sad times – all have surfaced this week.

It is clear that as a child (perhaps even as an adult) there were events or situations that troubled us, but somehow we have conveniently chosen to basically ignore them and pretend they never happened. Yet, we both wondered if, or perhaps if, those issues shaped our lives in any way. For better, or for worse. How would we ever know…?

“Now that I think about it, I have wondered why I felt like that, for all those years. And now, talking about it, I can still feel some deep anxiety that I’d long forgotten about.”

The subconscious really does live with us forever, it seems.

It’s having these types of conversations, that we truly appreciate how life “back then” was oh so different from nowadays. It was simpler. It was softer. It was sincere.

We were both just country lads who grew up not knowing much, if anything, about big city life, or the big world out there. Early life was built around family and education. Learning the “three R’s” was like breathing. School life was difficult at the time, as I recall, but looking back, it was really very pleasant. My cousin has been very successful in his life (well done laddie), so maybe he did pay attention at school.

Now if only I could have understood his accent, how much more I would have got out of this week….!!

I jest of course.

Bye, Bill

Quote of the week :-

According to my best recollection, I don’t remember.


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