Hair do’s and don’ts


Hair Do’s and Don’ts – Sheena Storie / Guest Contributor

Like most sixty somethings, I have a good idea of what I like when considering a hair style.

However there have been times when I have been persuaded to have a new fashionable style. I never worry about getting my hair cut, it will grow again!

A few months ago, I came home from the hair salon with a really new modern style.

I liked it – for all of three days.

Then it began to annoy me. I tolerated it as we were going to a family wedding. Notwithstanding my misgivings, nobody mentioned my new hair do!

OMG! was it really that bad ??

A few weeks later I returned to the salon and had a makeover in reverse.

Back to looking like me. A familiar style with the white bits covered in a shimmering shade of blonde.

Wow, said the receptionist, “You look like a sexy granny indeed”

‘Yeah right’ I thought.

Today’s Granny is a lot younger looking than our Granny’s were.

My favourite Granny is Goldie Hawn, long golden tresses and a big, big smile.

When I consider my friends at our age, they are youthful, vibrant, fun-loving and modern women.

So as I drove home from the hairdresser that day I thought about my own Granny. She was a pleasantly plump woman, who always seemed to be in the kitchen. She baked and cooked for the whole family, 5 children and 12 grandchildren.. !!

We all lived in the same village, and I used to put my wee Westie dog in my doll’s pram and walk to my Granny’s house everyday. She taught me to bake. Scones, cakes and shortbread.

I SO wanted to grow up and be just like my Granny. I dreamed  of teaching my grandchildren to bake .

I imagined them filling up my kitchen with happy sounds and wonderful aromas.

But reality struck a harsh blow when my first grandson came along.

I was a working granny, a teacher, who had lots of planning to work on at home, a busy house to maintain and two Labrador dogs plus a husband to look after. Squeezing in time for baking sessions with a grandson was tricky, but I tried.

My grandson didn’t have much patience though and would slip off the kitchen stool after a few minutes.  “I’m done Grandma, can I go and play now ?”, he would say, and dash off to find his trucks and cars.

Reality number two….I don’t look like my old fashioned granny. I’m not plump (honestly).

I don’t wear an apron and my fingernails are painted shocking pink!!

My cakes start off in a packet and the icing comes in a tub, but I always make my shortbread just like my Granny taught me to.

But lo and behold, yesterday, he came to visit, rushing into the house, banging the door and tripping over the dog.

“Grandma ” he shouted ,” can we bake a cake today?”

My heart soared with joy and I heard trumpets in the distance…. AT LAST.. !

The cake was good, lemon with vanilla icing and sprinkles. The icing was messy, just like the kitchen ended up looking, but I didn’t care.

At last I was just like MY granny.

A real old fashioned one.

Now if only I can get my Labrador in the baby buggy and take it for a walk!!!

Sheena Storie is a grandmother of four children ranging in age from 2 months to 6 years. During her lifetime career as an educator, she was a learning support teacher to children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia.

ssAs Author of The Granny Blog*, Sheena draws on her traditional Scottish upbringing and values, as she relates the real life challenges of being a modern Gran to four active youngsters. Her entertaining writing combines a keen sense of wit and honesty as she navigates the adventures of family life, and offers advice regarding the shepherding of grandkids in today’s complex world.

* is a registered domain name of

One response to “Hair do’s and don’ts

  1. I found out I was going to be a granny the day before I did a 35-mile charity bike ride! Indeed, they don’t make grannies like they used to.

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