Live from East Borneo

eastbourne1This week I am visiting East Borneo.

Yes indeed, live from the Land of Crombie, located on the south coast of England, looking from his balcony straight at France.

“Bonjour mes amis” I cry. “I like your cheese, sorry, fromage” “I’m not a whiner as such, but I am suitably advised that your Bow Jollies is rather tasty.”

I have ventured across the Big Pond to see our Lead Contributor, Mr. Crombie, to discuss the upcoming Initial Public Offering of Olderhood. When I say “upcoming” I don’t mean next week, or even next month. In fact, next year, might be stretching it a wee bit as well. Nonetheless we must be ready when Google approaches us to make an offer we might just refuse.

“GoogleHood” doesn’t seem to sit well with either of us.

Technology today is a marvellous thing. I can sit here in the luxury of his new apartment (see his “East Borneo Diary” on Olderhood,) write up these notes, then send them buzzing across the world with a mere flick of the wrist.

I’ve never been in Eastbourne before (I haven’t been in East Borneo either come to think about). A first for many things, as age rolls along. It’s a nice place.

Thus far I’ve seen the train station, a taxi, a security telephone, an elevator and the inside of his pad. I’m sure Eastbourne has more to offer. But thus far, the elevator is out in front. Actually his pad is a winner. He’s a decision-maker is our Roger, I’ll say that for him (not much else !!)

I might pop up to London and visit with the Duke of Edinburgh. You’ll recall that I recently became Treasurer of the Bermuda branch of his Award Scheme. I need to investigate expenses that went through the books under the heading “Food for Corgis” Not sure why those expenses were transferred to a tax haven, but there we are. For those cousins who don’t get that, call Buckingham Palace, London (01-144-HRH-HOME), and ask for one of her canine followers.

I’m hoping to catch up with a few Olderhood Family folks while here. The UK Branch is under discussion. We have a few ideas for events and meetings and so forth. As and when, we’ll share.

In the meantime, I shall say Au Revoir … which I believe alludes to the war-time hit,

“We’ll meet again,

Don’t know where, don’t know when,

But I know we’ll meet again

Some sunny day”

They say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining… !!

Bye, Bill


Quote of the week :-

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.


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