4 clicks …


I was filling in an online form this week.

Name, address and so forth. Then I get to the Date of Birth section. It provides a scroll-down box to get to Year of Birth. Normal procedure, right ??

I’ve done this many times and never had an issue with it.

But for some reason this time – maybe because I’ve now retired – I was annoyed. Normally when I’ve scrolled down in the past, I’ve only had to click down three levels of years. This time – 4… !!!

I just scraped into the 4th box mind you, but nonetheless I thought, “My goodness, I AM getting old”. Funny how it’s the wee things in life that set you off. Maybe as we get older we get more sensitive. Who knows. I’ll get over it I’m sure … some day (by Box 5 presumably)

Still on the subject of my form-filling …. I get to the end of this thing and it asks me to “type in the words in the box”.

What…???? I can’t read the damned words matey !!!!

I’m told it’s to prevent an automatic robot thingy from filling in the form. This is the way they adopt, to find out if I’m human (or not, as the case may be).

Well, I have news for these whizz-bangs………. humans can’t read the words either !!

I had absolutely no idea what the letters were. I used to think they were actual words. Wrong about that it seems. So, I tried to read each letter. I couldn’t even work out if the letter was a letter or a number … or, if it was a capital letter or not … or, if it was even a letter.

After four attempts (it must have been a 4-day !!) I got it. Not, I hasten to add, by being smart, but by sheer guesswork.

Is this some kind of revenge on society by software programmers..? What did I do to deserve such humiliation..? I don’t get it.

I suggest a re-think on this. Maybe try some questions, such as :-

1.    What is the capital of Hungary..?

2.    What is the capital of Nonsense..?

3.    What is the colour of my right eye ..?

4.    What is the colour of my left eye ..?

My turn for ** 4-Click ** revenge.

Thus endeth a 4-Click week.

Lastly, check out our Transitions Series at Olderhood.com – hope you like it. It discusses a range of topics about the Transition from pre-retirement to full-time retirement, and the thoughts, feelings and emotions experienced. This week’s title is “Filling the Day

Bye, Bill

Quote of the week :-

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.


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