Retirement redefined

beachHere at Olderhood we have been spending quite a lot of energy encouraging our readers to challenge every aspect of what it means to be retired. Now is not the time to step to the sideline and wither; now is the time to reinvent yourself and thrive.

Today retirement simply means that you no longer have to set your alarm clock to get up to go to a job. There are endless possibilities regarding what you can do with your day, and you do not have to have a large pension to participate. The following are a few of the most interesting ideas that I heard about in the last week:

  • Volunteer and live for free: There are programs in the USA run by the park service which enable people to serve the public and virtually live for free. One woman that I read about drove her motorhome all the way to Alaska to volunteer for the summer and most of her expenses were covered /
  • Become a fashion model. Yes I am serious. Oldsters are the largest growing segment of the consumer marketplace and we don’t want to see what clothing will look like on a 22 year old waif, we want know what it will look like on someone with a similar shape and proportions.
  • Start a new business: Almost a quarter of new U.S. businesses started in 2011 were launched by entrepreneurs age 55 to 64, according to the Kauffman Foundation, and entrepreneurs age 45 to 54 accounted for an additional 28 percent of the 2011 startups.
  • Publish books online: baby boomers have a “no nonsense” approach to technology and the internet. They are very tech savvy but not overly interested in gadgets and they have the time and the patience to see through a project like writing a book. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it possible for anyone to become a published author /
  • Make a bucket list and start living your dreams. Every time you check an item off your list add a new one to the bottom. Check here for a little inspiration, and feel free to submit your own idea to the page:
  • Raise money for your community. Everyone knows a person or an organization that could really use a financial boost. Design t-shirts online for free and encourage people to show their support by purchasing them. The shirts are shipped when the fundraising goal is achieved /
  • Stay active with a part-time job. Yes you used to be a vice president, but wouldn’t you rather work a couple of days at the local hardware store, or shelve books at the library than sit a home in isolation? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking /
  • Start a blog, or better yet, contribute to Olderhood. Everyone is a leading authority on something; share your expertise by submitting a 500 word article to our editorial team:

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