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There is a saying on my fridge door which reads “Trauma in life I can cope with, it’s the every day struggles that are really tough.” with a picture of a little girl looking at a scoop of ice-cream,  which has fallen out of the cone. She is crying hysterically.

I love this old cartoon, cut from an old newspaper. I look at it and read it every day. And most days I heartily agree with the cartoon’s words of wisdom. For example :-

  • The days when the trash truck is very early and you have multiple bags to get to the roadside.
  • The day when you have just made your tea or coffee and there is no milk.
  • The rainy day when you have to leave and you remember ALL your umbrellas are in the car. (I really must remember to bring them out of the car)
  • Or the day when you came out of the doctor’s office and you had left the car lights on. OOPS!!

Daily life is beginning to get tough for this Granny. My fingers don’t work like they used to. I can’t read the fine print on the pill bottle, never mind try to open it.

Forgetting where I left things, anything. I’m always losing something.

Fortunately the dog can bark when I leave her outside the door ..!!

The most annoying thing for me these days are children’s car seats. These very necessary pieces of equipment are causing me lots of stress.

I have 4 car seats, one for each grandchild, as I pick them up on different days in a variety of combinations.

This past year I have been picking up the 6 year old and the 2 year old every week day. This means I need the booster seat and the toddler seat. Both of which require to be attached with a very long strap and a buckle combination.

Remember the fingers that don’t work very well… ??

It takes me what seems to be an eternity to fasten these pesky seats into my car. I have to leave the house early enough to make sure they are all in the car.

On occasion, I have also needed yet another booster seat for the 3 year-old and this has to be added to the centre of the back seat. Again remember the fingers that don’t work very well and the aching back that has to stretch all the way into the car.

A few times I have had to change one of these for the infant carrier which requires a base and a pumpkin seat on top. I know these are made to be safe but do they really need to be so cumbersome … ?

Remember when the little Prince George was born in July and his dad put him in the car and buckled him in … ?

I had to smile when Prince William said he had been practicing putting the pumpkin seat on to the base. At least he managed it, but if I was him I would get one of the security guys to do this for me.

Have you ever tried to lift one of these pumpkin seats without the baby in it.?? Do we really need these to be so heavy.? Add in the baby and weightlifting can’t be far away.

Strapping in the kids is just as challenging. Getting them to lift up their little arms and pulling the bottom strap up is a feat which should be in the Olympics.

My grandson was closing and opening his safety buckle when he was about three. The toddler is almost managing hers and sighs when I take too long. Here’s hoping the baby will put herself in her seat on her own. One lives in hope.

Clearly I need to make a few alterations to my daily seat traumas, so I have a solution … it’s time for a new car (hopefully Grandad is reading this) … a very large van with lots of seats.

Oh, and ALWAYS eat your ice-cream out of a bowl … !!!

ssAs Author of The Granny Blog*, Sheena draws on her traditional Scottish upbringing and values, as she relates the real life challenges of being a modern Gran to four active youngsters. Her entertaining writing combines a keen sense of wit and honesty as she navigates the adventures of family life, and offers advice regarding the shepherding of grandkids in today’s complex world.

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One response to “The Granny Blog – Fridge Door

  1. Oh, I so can relate to the car seats and granny issues! Bless their safety – but they are brutal for grandmas !

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