Transitions Volume 4 – Face the Facts



We all have experienced “Life Changer” Transitions in our lives :-

  • Getting our first full-time job
  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Moving to a new place
  • Etc……….

But the BIG one is Retirement.

This is it……….. no other transition in life carries the weight of retirement. All the others can be adjusted if needs be i.e. there’s time. Not so with Retirement. It is not easy to “rewind” and fix your mistakes. It’s a “cause to pause” … and deep-think. A time to get it right. The more we discuss and explore and seek opinions etc, the more we should be able to handle this Transition satisfactorily.

Olderhood strives to be part of your information search. We hope you enjoy.


Volume 4 – Face the Facts

You’re not young anymore.

Some people get upset at the use of the word “old”.

Which is part of the reason we call this programme, “Olderhood”, not “Oldhood”.

We’re as sensitive as you are.

But guess what. I am older. You are older. We are all getting older. I can’t change that and neither can you. Sorry, if that bursts a bubble or three for you, but Face the Facts.

Things you used to do all day, now take all day to do. Ideas that required energetic bursts years back, just don’t seem to pop up much these days. Thoughts of climbing mountains have morphed into sitting on a comfortable chairs looking at mountains.

I say, “so what ?”

The Transition from then to now is a Transition I embrace. I will not beat myself up because I can’t run 4 minute miles anymore (never could if truth be told, but it sounds good). I take a wee bit longer to walk to the shops perhaps … but the shop will still be there when I arrive, and I bet they’ll still take my money just easily. Why the rush.?

I am at peace with myself that I can’t do things like I did as a young man. But I sure as heck know that I am so much smarter now than then. I have experience. I have knowledge. I have intuition. This grey hair didn’t come cheap.

Apart from the physical aspects of this Transition, I also know that my financial position in retirement is what it is. I really can’t change it that much. Can you .? Face the Facts.

Live within your means, buy what you can, enjoy what you like. Don’t have silly dreams of what might have been. Look at photos of your dream house, but don’t walk along a guilt trip path. It will do you no good. You will merely spend the rest of your days wishing this, or wishing that. What a waste.

Your health is a trickier proposition I concede. If you are healthy, well done. If you are not healthy, then I agree that trying to Face those Facts, may be troublesome for you. Illness must not be ignored or “poo-pooed”. It is too important. So, it might be too cavalier to say, “Face the Facts”, but to the extent that you do have reasonable health, although not so agile as you once were, then if those are the facts, so be it.

Enjoy life in the fashion you are able to enjoy life at this stage of your life.

Clocks don’t go backwards.


“The past cannot be changed.
The future is yet in your power.

Hugh White, Author

Next week          –              Transition Issue 5             –              Spending Money

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