The Milkman Delivers


Two old Irish lads in the pub one night, doing the crossword puzzle. Guinness off to the side.

”18 Down.” Seamus says. “Old McDonald had wun – 4 letters..?”

“Oy tink it’s FARM”, said Pat.

“FARM. Ach, ye could be royght. How’d ya spell dat Pat….4 letters…..?”

“Oy tink, it’s E-I-E-I-O”

You gotta love them.

I told that wee joke countless times when I did a lot of public speaking (went over well when told with the Irish accent). Conferences, corporate events and so forth. Especially when it was an eCommerce or Internet-related speech.

I used the “farm analogy” all the time.

It went like this.

A farm, a milk farm, we’ll say, has to get it milk to the market every day. The milk van therefore had to function properly. It needed a good engine, good wheels, gas and a good driver. If any one of those was missing, the van wouldn’t function, and the milk wouldn’t get to market. Moreover if it was slow, the milk could turn sour.

When it got to market, the milk would sell. Unless the milk was of poor quality. Regardless of how snazzy the milk van, if the milk was poor, it wouldn’t be accepted by the consumer. So, if the milk van was top of the line, could run at a fast speed, looked really flash and always “made an entrance” – if the milk was poor, the farmer had wasted his time – and money. No-one would buy his milk.

Similarly technology.

Even if the hardware/software (the milk van) is state-of-the-art (Geez, I hate that phrase !!), the message (the milk) will always be the selling point.

While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so forth are cool, they are realistically only whizz-bang milk vans. They are nothing more than the means to deliver the message.

The message is king. The quality of the article, or report, or Pin, or Tweet is paramount. Poor material will turn sour very quickly, just like poor quality milk.

It amazes me how many people are “blown away” with a new technology and rave about it endlessly … and totally ignore the need to write quality messages, or use the right words (see Roger’s article this week on “The Devaluation of Language”), or can’t even spell. I’ll never drink their milk !!

It is my sincere hope that the “Olderhood Milk” remains high quality.

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Bye, Bill

Quote of the week :-

The hardness of butter is directly proportional to the softness of the bread.

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