The Granny Blog – My Dining Table

child under tableI love having my family over for dinner.

Sometimes its all of them which is 10 of us now, and I have to put the extra panels into the dining table to accommodate all of us. And of course we have to arrange the high chairs and booster seats  … for the kids (just in case you thought otherwise !)

There is usually a lot of talking, a lot of noise, and children who have to be rescued and brought back to the table. It’s fun and sometimes chaos – but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

After the last family gathering we did not take out the panels right away after the event, and they were still there later in the week when the two boys came over.

I am so glad I left them in ….now we have an art area at one end with crayons and paper and tape and a lego creation at the other.

The children love this large extra space and I like it too They are out of the kitchen and up off the floor. This is now the permanent “Grandkids Table.”

Home work for my oldest grandson is much easier now that his brother is away down at the other end of the table. Not quite “shouting distance” but close to it.

It really is a huge table and I was always reluctant to keep it extended out, as it is now, but it is useful, and makes sense, even if we have to squeeze past the two end chairs. No problem.

The two year-old and three year-old love to play under the table now and with the chairs pushed aside they have a great little play house. Luckily I don’t get down there myself too much these days, so goodness knows what they are doing. They are in their little world.

Soon my oldest grand-daughter will not be able to stand up under the table. She is growing taller every week. Head bumps are becoming a little more common nowadays.

The other wonderful change is that my daughters and I now have our afternoon tea sessions at one end of this table, with a lace cloth and teapot and cups – it is a much more civilized tea party these days. Of course, this means that we generate noise at both ends of the table, but just far enough away to not upset any of us.

What was once just the dining room table – and ignored for weeks at a time – has now become a very integral part of grandma and grandpa’s house – and has brought our dining room into our family.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are soon going to be celebrated around this table, but before that, we will be making decorations, writing cards and reading stories about these festivals around the family table.

I hope you use your table in this way too. I’m pretty sure your grandchildren have found ways to enjoy it. Hopefully you have found pleasure in them crawling around your feet and making noise as well. I hope so anyway.

Grannies R Us

Sheena Storie, Bermuda –

ssSheena is a grandmother of four children ranging in age from 2 months to 6 years. During her lifetime career as an educator, she was a learning support teacher to children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia.

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