The week of car and curry


OK, I admit it. I should have bought a new car a long time I ago. I didn’t.

I probably should have been even smarter and got it while I still worked in the banking business. I didn’t.

I probably should have been even even smarter and saved up for a new one. I didn’t.

(“And this guy tells us he offers financial advice. Hmmmm.” I hear you).

So, just to rub it in, the car … a gallant Subaru Impreza, which has been in the family for about 16 years ….. decided that enough was enough. Noble lad. Even old age has caught up with it.

Here’s what I think happened………. It knows that yours truly has gone into retirement. It reckons that I have done so because I’m tired and run out of gas. It thinks I just want to put my feet up and chill. Fair enough.

So, Subey Baby says “Me too chum”.

Clearly it hasn’t read my illustrious colleague’s column this week.

Anyhoo, a new car it is.

“What car ..?” you ask. Toyota it seems. As I drive the car very little (as most of you know I scoot around the island here on a Vespa Scooter), the choice of car is on the “to be told” basis. Conformity rules.

I’ll tell you more in due course. I might even Impreza you with photos (of the car, I mean !!!)

Other than that, this week, I’ve been learning more and more about the geography, the culture, the peoples and more, of the Far East and India – thanks to our Facebook Pages and our new Olderhood International Club. Fascinating. The interest and genuine support we have received has been extremely encouraging. We had a few glitches with software etc (sorted out now) yet still they stuck around. Lovely people.

So, to all of them reading this, I say “Thank you”.

We have a number of new developments to implement over the next few weeks, which I believe will be of interest to many of you. There is absolutely no doubt that people from various countries and backgrounds around the world, who are in, or nearing, retirement, have substantially the SAME issues, concerns and feelings. We clearly have discovered common ground. The fact that Olderhood is owned, and published by Oldsters themselves, who can appreciate their issues, is an enormous benefit. Moving forwards.

Lastly, check out our Transition to Retirement Series at It discusses a range of topics about the migration from a busy working life, to the thoughts, feelings and emotions experienced in retirement. This week’s title is “Sleep, Eat and Retire”. I hope you like it.

We appreciate your continuing support, comments and suggestions. Thank you.

Bye, Bill

Quote of the week :-

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d
grab ours back.

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