My New Friends


As I mentioned in a previous post, the Olderhood project has expanded to include an international Facebook Group known as the Olderhood International Club.

In just three short weeks the club has gone from an idea, to inception, to a membership of 164 which is growing daily; and true to its name, the club truly is attracting a global membership. To date we have members from Bermuda, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia; proving that not only does Olderhood address issues that are of universal interest to the over fifty set but that people around the world are keenly interested in interacting with each other and sharing ideas and information.

The club membership has two universal messages: “we are here and we care how you are doing” and “we are happy to be of service”. The concept is so popular that every day we receive emails from people in remote locations asking if it would be ok if they joined too, and our response is always “absolutely!”

Interestingly, most of our members have never actively participated in a Facebook group and so we have been helping each other to get the conversations rolling. Members have begun posting messages of encouragement, inspiration and wisdom such as: “a good marriage is a union between two good forgivers”. How true is that?

One member confided that she was having trouble sleeping and members from Malaysia, the Philippines and Bermuda researched and posted articles from around the web with suggestions on how to fall asleep. Another member posted an herbal remedy for the flu and other members wrote in with their suggestions as to how to avoid getting sick. Yet another posted a recipe for a foot soak composed of Listerine and vinegar which worked wonders.

I myself submitted a post asking for an Indian recipe for Dahl and was thrilled to receive a link to online cooking lessons given by Chef Harpal Singh a highly respected hotel chef.

But what I like best of all about this new project, is the opportunity to view the profiles of all of our new members. From the outer islands of the Philippines to central Kuala Lumpur I have seen images of beaches and hot air balloons over a misty valley, and a “banana house” decorated with fresh fruit and produce. I have seen single women with their own businesses and retired executives and university professors. I have seen albino pythons and a grandmother on a camel and thousands of images of families and grandchildren.

These former strangers have accepted me as an equal and permitted me to have a glimpse of their lives and their very diverse cultures and for this, I am truly thankful.

It is my hope that as this project grows, so will our friendships and understanding that no matter how different we seem to be on the outside, we are all as one on the inside.


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