Star Wars

dinoI have spent all of my adult life working with young children and I can honestly say out loud that I love their attitude.

Children know from the very beginning exactly what they want, or don’t want, and they will do their utmost to achieve this.

Witness the “Princess” in our family who has worn a princess dress every day since October. She even wears a tutu to bed. And a princess crown!

This little one doesn’t care if we like it or not, she doesn’t care if it’s not appropriate to wear it while playing in the park.

She just KNOWS that she is a PRINCESS!

… and we all know it too.

Her nursery school teachers are getting annoyed with her wearing these dresses, so now we just let her take a tutu to school in her bag, just in case she feels the need to let everyone know who she is.

I love the fact that at just two years old she has a very firm idea of what she likes and who she is.

Her mum does have to control the princess attitude at times, but I’d rather have a strong-willed child, than one who can’t decide what they want and let others decide for them.

I am confident that my little granddaughter will grow up strong and decisive.

On the other hand, my three year old grandson wants to be a Dragon ..!

He has many dragon figures and toys, and for a long while he would just roar at us if we asked him anything.

I love it … imagination at its most creative.

I found a dragon costume at a thrift store and he wears it all the time at home. But, he is most definitely not allowed to take it to his nursery school.

We read stories about dragons, and learn how dragons have been a part of the history of many cultures.

Lastly, my oldest grandson has developed his passions and has two very strong interests.

His first love is STAR WARS.

I might have had something to do with that, as I love Star Wars too, and introduced him to the movies. We have watched all of them a few times, yet still get excited by them. He spends hours building Star Wars Lego characters and scenes, and recreating the battles.

As a young boy of seven now, he has a new love … Football. Or soccer, depending on where ever you live.

He just loves it!

He attends a football training camp three times a week.

Seems a lot but, as he says, “Grandma, I really, really want to do this.”

The boys play in teams against each other, and he can’t wait until he will be able for the big team which will play other schools.

We have an English league football chart at home, and he moves the teams up or down each week as they gain or lose points.

He started off liking one English team but he now has a new one. I wonder how long this one will last ..?

He told me he scored a hat-trick in his game this week, and that his idol is Carlos Tevez.

I am certainly never going to tell him that he may not play in top league football, but I tell him to practice and work hard and his dreams might come true.

He is passionate about his football, and his Star Wars . . . his brother is passionate about his dragons . . . and their cousin is not just passionate, she really believes she is a Princess.

Somewhere along life’s path most of us lose life’s passion amid the daily routine of going to work and looking after our families.

Thank goodness for those people who have had the strength to follow their dream and keep their passions alive.

May our grandchildren be the great footballers, doctors, teachers, Princesses and dragons of the future.

So Grannies – keep nurturing these little ones and encouraging them with their dreams.

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