Transitions – Volume 7 Cold Turkey or Warm Rooster



We all have experienced “Life Changer” Transitions in our lives :-

  • Getting our first full-time job
  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Moving to a new place
  • Etc……….

But the BIG one is Retirement.

This is it……….. no other transition in life carries the weight of retirement. All the others can be adjusted if needs be – i.e. there’s time. Not so with Retirement. It is not easy to “rewind” and fix your mistakes. It’s a “cause to pause” … and deep-think. A time to get it right. The more we discuss, and explore, and seek opinions etc, the more we should be able to handle this Transition satisfactorily.

Olderhood strives to be part of your information search. We hope you enjoy.


Volume 7 – Cold Turkey or Warm Rooster

One of our Olderhood members suggests that there is another category between PRE-retirement and Full-retirement.

He calls it the “In-Betweeny” Cute huh ?

He says, “Not everyone goes from full time employment to retirement! There’s loads of people retire early from their major careers and go on to do other things. Some have good enough pensions to get by and are therefore financially secure – but for a variety of reasons they still want to work – some doing things they are familiar with – others doing things work wise they’ve always wanted to try! And if course you can have time out between roles to sample the retirement thing. Just a thought.”

He makes a really good point. And it raises the question of do we want to stop cold turkey and hit the golf course, or would we prefer to ease into retirement by turning down the heat of everyday work battles and become a warm rooster.

I know that a few of my friends who took early retirement, with every intention of getting as faraway from the corporate world as possible, ALL meandered back to some sort of part-time work. So, in that scenario, they went out, then came back in again.

Whereas, the In-Betweeny makes that conscious decision from the start. He/She says, “I would like to cut back a bit and travel more for example, but my mind isn’t ready yet to stop permanently. Therefore, I will either quit my main job altogether, or wind it down a bit … but will utilise my skills and experience etc in some other form of employment”

Perfectly reasonable.

Truth be told, regardless of whether our retirement comes about through free choice, mandatory age, or forced retirement/redundancy, then chances are we might all prefer to be warm roosters.

In my own case, I certainly like being a warm rooster.

I do offer my services for business consulting, and fortunately have the luxury of offering experienced services at a less-than-market price. I do some charitable work (no cost of course). And lastly, this Olderhood gig, is rapidly becoming a full-time job !!!

I’m just not ready to stop thinking about new things, ideas or challenges.

I was very fortunate a number of years ago to know a very famous business man in the U.K. who was a “Sir xxxxx”. He worked very closely with Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister. He was a gem of a man. I got to know him when he was in his early 80sand his alertness was off the scale. He was still consulted by Governments, major corporates from around the world and wealthy families. He was a very, very wealthy man.

I once asked him, “Why don’t you retire..?”

“And do what ..?” he replied. “Don’t be daft. I could never stop.”

Some few years later, on his last day on earth, he had been speaking at a major business conference the day before. What a man. His rooster status was boiling hot, not warm  !!

So, I am grateful to our Olderhood Member for raising the importance of the In-Betweeny to us.

It is clearly a category in and of itself, which we will explore as a new Section of Olderhood. If any other Olderhood Members have thoughts or comments on this, kindly make contact with me at We’d love to hear from you.

Remember, “Clocks don’t run backwards !!”


“The past cannot be changed.
The future is yet in your power.

Hugh White, Author

Next week          –              Transitions Issue 7           –              “In-Betweeny”

2 responses to “Transitions – Volume 7 Cold Turkey or Warm Rooster

  1. Know what you mean…. my doctor in Bermuda once said he “doesn’t do retirement”. Lovely man, died on the job in his office. For me, grape picking, wine tasting and lately firewood cutting (and a lot of travel now that we have the time….) does the “In Between” bit very nicely. And yes, a little design work in Bermuda, Italy and Greece also keeps life interesting).
    Auguri per il Natale e il nuovo anno a tutti!!!

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