It’s that time of year


It has been so busy lately that it is hard for me to believe that the season of Christmas is upon us. It is the time of year when, like it or not, we all tend to look backwards and memories of the holiday season of years gone by pop up in our minds.

It is also a reminder of just how much the world has changed as we have walked through it. Is it just me, or were things simpler then?

As a child in Canada I can clearly remember wishing for deep snow as much as I wished for any present – my belief was that “Santa” required snow to land on the front lawn of our house. I never actually bought into the idea that he landed on the roof – I had thoroughly inspected our chimney with a flash light and determined that there was absolutely no way a fully grown man was getting in that way; but my practical little mind was quite certain that, as the mandarin oranges that we left out for him did disappear, and the presents did arrive, he must be landing on the front lawn.

We were not allowed to go downstairs on Christmas morning until after my father had gone down to the living room to turn on the Christmas tree lights and “check if Santa had come”. The suspense was almost too much to bear, and more than once I ran from one bedroom to the next on the second floor of our house to peer out the windows to see if I could locate reindeer hoof prints in the snow below. Funnily enough, there actually was one year when a dog had run around on the lawn during the night and I spent several minutes ardently assuring my mother that those were most definitely reindeer tracks.

“My how times have changed”.

I no longer believe in alien landings on the front lawn, but I do still believe in miracles and that wonderful unexplained moments of synchronicity can happen to anyone; which to my mind, is the true meaning behind the Christmas message. There is an expression that says “he who extends kindness to strangers may entertain angels unawares”. And in this season of giving, many of us will get the opportunity to help a stranger in some small way and I encourage everyone to do so if they can. Trust me, you will feel good about yourself all day and your gesture, whatever it may be, will encourage the recipient and give them the opportunity to experience gratitude which is the greatest gift that one soul can gift to another, for gratitude is the doorway to happiness.

Thank you to everyone who reads these posts and encourages me to write – you have encouraged me to be my true self and I am very thankful for it.

Happy Holidays & Namaste

2 responses to “It’s that time of year

  1. Nicely written, Robin. The magic of Christmas is truly felt and remembered even we age, isn’t it? I always wish it will happen again for this year. But you’re right every year we notice change and alas it is not used to be like before. Where did the magic gone? How I wished the deaths of some loved ones happen on other months not in this merry season, but still Christmas remains merry because its Jesus’ birthday, He is our Joy, His redeeming us is always our great celebration. Thank You, Jesus!

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