Is there a Sanity Clause ..?


I remember several years ago watching a funny movie about two sets of Italian families in Glasgow, Scotland who both ran separate ice cream businesses, and for a variety of reasons got into an “ice cream war”. The move is called “Comfort and Joy.”

Part of the action involves a radio station as well. At one point, the station manager is questioning the antics of one of his disc jockeys. Apparently this fellow has been acting very weird, and the manager is trying to find a way to get rid of him. So, he asks his secretary to pull out his contract of employment to see if he can fire him for being deranged or something.

He asks her, “Is there a Sanity Clause..?”

I still chuckle at that phrase. I find it a very appropriate question, especially at this time of year.

I watch people sleeping in the street all night, in blankets, waiting for the shop to open so that they can buy something they don’t need. But it’s a bargain.

….is there a sanity clause….?

I see people running up and down department store stairs to buy this gift, and that gift, and get this wrapped, and get this exchanged and they are acting like crazy people. Slow down !!

….is there a sanity clause….?

I see people eat excessive amounts of food, consume vast quantities of drink, fall asleep in the middle of the day after enormous dinners, and have hangovers and tummy problems.

….is there a sanity clause….?

This is not just the time of year for the kids. It’s for the grown-ups. And I warmly suggest that us Oldsters can have fun too.

We can tell tales of times past and what we did at this time of year when we were young. We can moan about, “In my day, we got one present and some chocolates in a stocking.” “That was it” we say, “we never got anything like the numbers of presents you kids get nowadays”

….is there a sanity clause….?

I remember trudging through snow and rain and wind to go from one party to another at 2 in the morning. Frozen. Yet still the mission was to get to the neighbour’s house. Determined. Any other time of the year, we’d just say hello to them in the passing. But tonight, we are coming to see you regardless of how cold it is.

….is there a sanity clause….?

This time of year is for families, young and old, to share the joy of fellowship, and peace and harmony. A time of year to reflect on times past and to look forward, with anticipation, to times future.  A time to be thankful for what we have, and not be too concerned about what we may not have. If we have health and happiness, then we have plenty.

So, …. is there a sanity clause….?

There sure is.

This is the time to stop and think of the real issues of life. The time to slow down from the rush-rush world we live in and … to bring a little sanity back into our lives.

I hope your Sanity Clause visits your house this year.

One response to “Is there a Sanity Clause ..?

  1. I hope that most of your readers have got the link between the picture of the Marx Brothers and your question. Always one of my favourite movie lines.

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