What Day Is It?


Christmas week is always one of those disjointed weeks in the year.

All year we stick to a regular schedule as best we can. Mondays are always Mondays. Sometimes Saturdays become fuzzy. Sundays typically are days to relax and settle down.

However Christmas week we have no idea.

Was Christmas Wednesday or Thursday…? I missed it this year by one day. I had been working on the basis that Thursday was Santa Day. What a surprise to hear Rudolph knock on my door a day “early”. Oh well.

Eating seems to be the obsession. Years gone by it might have been drinking for some of us, but those days are behind us now, well some of us.

As a family we used to have an in-house Christmas lunch. A combination of two families was our standard routine. Then wives/husbands and grandchildren came along. So much so, that to prepare a meal for everyone became a bigger job than catering to the cast of Helen of Troy. So, finally we decided to go to a local restaurant for Christmas lunch.

No preparation, no cleaning up, no re-arranging the house, and most of all, no holding back on vast quantities of food that we don’t normally eat. Why do we do this to ourselves..?

Then we stagger back home, collapse in a big chair, turn on the TV and promptly fall asleep. Finally we climb into bed at a late hour, out of any routine, and sleep until daylight. Then we realise it isn’t daylight, but the bedroom light we left on all night.

Then a strange thing happens. When we get up we are ravenous…. !! Incredible.

How on earth, after mountains of food, can we possibly be THIS hungry….? Leftovers abound. Turkey pieces, turkey sandwiches and then the inevitable turkey soup. How do you know it’s Christmas…?…….. when you see gallons of turkey soup in pots, in jugs, on the counter-top, in the fridge. We’ll be consuming this soup until then end of January.

By now, I’ve already forgotten what day this is.

Maybe next week I’ll be back to normal and know. Oh wait …….. next week is worse. It’s New Year’s week. The time when not knowing where you are, far less what time it is, are perfectly acceptable. So unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t mis-calculated January 1st, so will hopefully be able to sneak in a Happy New Year to you and yours.

… which means the next BerBiz will be in 2014. (I think).


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Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.


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