The Next Second


Our friend Bob Lowry of Satisfying Retirement published a great article this week in which he included some statistics regarding how many days of our lives we spend sleeping, eating and working; and how long we are likely to live.

Bob asked everyone to think about “how” they were going to spend their remaining time and it got me thinking … (sorry Bob)

To be fair, none of us really knows how long we have, or how long we have in which we will be mobile, in reasonably good health, and able to communicate. We all claim to have a plan, a goal, or a direction and some of us do. But there are also a great many of us who are just drifting, thinking that there is no way out of the mess we have made and that we just have to live with it.

Still others are idly waiting for life to start or a problem to come to an end; thinking that tomorrow or next week or next year they will get around to doing the things they need to do.

But will you get the chance? That is the infuriating question no one wants to hear because the only truthful answer is “I don’t know”.

Think this is nonsense?

Consider what happened to one of my friends: He was standing under a huge tree in the garden on a sunny windless day, when a rose bush across the lawn caught his attention and he wandered over to it. Not fifteen seconds later, there was loud noise like a rifle going off and the same tree split entirely down the middle of the trunk and came crashing down on the very spot where he had been standing. But for the beauty of a rose he would not still be here.

Too random for consideration?

Look twice before you cross the street the next time – randomness is everywhere.

So what’s the point?

Each and every second of every day, you have the opportunity to decide to take a step to move your life in a more positive direction. If you are here, you have a purpose (or at least a potential purpose). You have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life; maybe a lot of people’s lives. More importantly, you have the potential to make a difference in your own life.

Admittedly the task may seem overwhelming at first. But remember, cynicism and ego are the protectors of fear – they stand as guardians at the door to prevent us from finding out how life might be if we took emotional risks. They tell us there is no point in trying and that others are not worthy of our attention; but the more we listen to them, the more we sink into a cold dark pit of sorrow and denial where nothing satisfies us and no one brings us joy .

Is that where you really want to live?

If your answer is no, (and I hope that it is), then what are you going to do with your next second?

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