A New Year

beach 2013

This is my first personal blog of the New Year. 2014. Wow.

Wasn’t it just a couple days back we were fretting over “Y2K” ..? Most people won’t even remember what that was all about. ”I’ll be stuck in the elevator at midnight. Hmm ….. I wonder who’ll be there with me !!”

I like even years. Not too excited about odd years. Wasn’t too interested in 2013 (even though it was the Year of Retirement). 2012 was ok. 2011 wasn’t

I’m really just an even kind of guy. I’m certainly not odd. Oh wait … !!

So what can we expect this year….

  • Winter Olympics in Russia. Brrrr.
  • World Cup in Brazil. Woo-hoo.
  • Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Och Aye.
  • Scotland will vote on Independence. Och No… !!!

Ø  Centenary of the First World War.

This last one is of special interest to me. I am an avid reader of the historical importance of WW1. It was a horrific time in the world and the battles, especially in, France, were hell on earth. 100 years have gone by and the memories will never fade.

In technology :-

Ø  The Internet will beat television as the where-to-get news medium.

Ø  Most telephone calls are now Internet-based (VOIP)

Ø  Google Glass – this is this in your eye thing – will be launched.

Ø  Nanometre chips released – the next generation computer chip

Ø  Smart watches will take off

Ø  Likewise India’s first mission to Mars

I will write 52 of my personal blogs. You will read 52 of my personal blogs. Well one out of two isn’t bad !!!

I will also write 52 information, or special interest, blogs. Any assistance about topics would be greatly welcomed as I’m not sure this retired mind can stretch that far.

I will do some more videos. “Mr. Bill goes to Hollywood” … aka … the Silver “Scream”…!!

Olderhood events will be arranged in different places. The first one takes place in Manila next weekend. Excited.

I have never kept a diary, but I’m starting to think that a better method of scheduling is needed especially as we now run a 24 hour office these days, with connections and conversations taking place in over 20 time zones around the world.

I have always written reminders and things on small pieces of paper … but then, never look at them. I go to the grocery store with a list and forget to check it. It comes back in the same place it went – my pocket.

I leave bits of paper on the floor inside the door of my office, so that I can see them every time I go in or out. I never pick them up. They can lie there for days. I lose interest. If it’s important some one will call me. It’s never important.

Years ago I had a personal tape recorder hand-held thing. It was great the first time I used it. I recorded 8 messages for myself. Things to do. The next day I had done 3 of them. Fine, but I couldn’t specifically erase those 3 from the original 8, so I had to listen to them every time I played it. Message 9 was “Ditch the recorder”.

So, if I forget to call you, or don’t show up at your party, or miss your birthday, then you know that you will have been lying on my floor for days, and I will have stepped over you umpteen times, then lost interest. Sorry.

I’m beginning to change my mind about being “odd”.

Happy New Year.



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Bye, Bill

Quote of the week :-

Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

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3 responses to “A New Year

  1. Great write up William ..Sometimes I wish I could write like that, but as I’m still enjoying working in my field of interest, though I’m 65, I’ll just keep reading yours until my time is up & I’ll start doing my own, with lessons from your Blog..:0)))..PS : thank you again for adding me on OIC ..

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