The Week of the New Year


I chose the above title especially because I think it sums up what most people do with all their New Year Resolutions.

Maybe because I’m getting more observant as I grow older, or maybe just more cynical, but it seems to me that all those “changes” that people swore by as they entered a new year, actually only survive about a week.

“2014 is the Year when I become fitter”, or “lose weight”, or “start to like my colleagues”, or will “eat breakfast”, etc. Dream on.

I applaud people for dreaming up new ideas, or changes. But really, they do have to carry them through. On the other hand maybe it’s just words spoken through a mild alcoholic haze at a New Year’s party, simply to impress people, and show how clever they are at actually thinking up changes. Once the party is over and everyone has gone home, everyone can then forget about what they said (assuming they can even remember) and get back to normal living again.

“Lose some weight..?” ……… “Fat chance…!!”

I gave up making Resolutions years ago. I’m not sure I even started. I can’t remember – must be an age thing I guess. I never did comprehend why the magical date of January 1st was the date when this Resolution stuff was relevant. Is it not possible to resolve to stop drinking in July..?

So, I declare that on the 1st day of EVERY MONTH, we should state our New Month’s Resolutions. Then when we let them slide, as inevitably we will, we don’t have to beat ourselves up for a whole year. We just get angry for a month, then the clock starts all over again.

“My April Resolution is to stop eating fatty foods for 6 months.” Then at the end of April a brand new Resolution kicks in and the April one is now history and I can concentrate on the May Resolution. The life span of Resolutions just got much shorter and thus much more attainable, or at least less time to be upset at failure. I like it.

Moving on … cold weather seems to be universal at the moment. The “Polar Vortex” they say. No idea what that means. But if even the Polar Bears are frozen then it must be cold. Or am I mis-reading that..?

I like cold weather. I really do. I even feel cold watching it on television. I can comfortably sit with my woolly hat and gloves on watching snow storms in Canada. Not any fun for those who live there I grant you, but that’s about as close as I get to snowflakes these days. This weather thing really does affect people’s lives. I sympathise. Keep warm.

Lastly, this weekend, we will have our first Olderhood Gathering in Manila, Philippines. Tremendous work done by two Members in Manila to organise the event. All things being equal I intend to Skype into the meeting to say hi to the folks over there in live time (albeit at 0300 Saturday morning my time). Should be fun if stay awake. First steps.

Other than that, I Resolve to write this blog every week in 2014, and while some of you might wish otherwise, I promise to keep this one… so there !!!!!!!!!!!

We appreciate your continuing support, comments and suggestions. Thank you.

Bye, Bill

Quote of the week :-

Frame every so-called disaster with these words, ‘In five years, will this matter?’


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