The Thrilla in Manila

bolette and marlyn

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I divert from my usual Sunday blog post topics to report that the first ever meeting of the Olderhood International Club (OIC) took place at Starbucks in Makati, Metro Manila on Saturday afternoon. This very successful event was organized by and local Philippine residents Marlyn Barcena Hernandez Oliver and Bolette Orqueta, both Olderhood Members, and was attended by approximately 20 OIC Facebook members.

Olderhood Founder Bill Storie and I joined them online at 3:30 am Bermuda time taking turns logging in with Skype, to welcome everyone and get our first ever glimpse of this enthusiastic gathering. Marlyn and Bolette wore Olderhood logo polo shirts and even had some key rings made.

I can hardly express how overwhelming it is to be part of a global initiative that has achieved this level of success in well under a year. To date we have approximately 18,000 followers and the numbers continue to climb steadily as we welcome new countries to the Olderhood family. This week we saw our first new member from Dubai and we have had people from South Africa logging on to our Olderhood Facebook page all week.

Bill and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have supported us, encouraged us, and advised us, each and every step of the way. Without your input we might not have achieved the rapid degree of success that we have been fortunate to experience. You know who you are, so thank you.

When we started this journey, we had dreams.

Fortunately both Bill and I have a fairly practical business approach to most things, so we knew that dreaming was not the ideal basis. The countless hours of discussion, research, trial and error, falling out (once if I recall – ok twice !!), understanding software, asking questions of “experts”,  statistical analysis endlessly … not to mention many, many articles written by us (and of course others), is paying off.

So yes we had dreams. But more realistically we had VISION.

With the enthusisatic support of Marlyn and Bolette, and countless others across the globe, it is now clear that “visions do come true”…!!

As we move forward this year there is no doubt that there will be the odd bump, and probably more than a few logistical challenges. We hope that you will bear with us as we attempt to navigate the smoothest course.

It is our goal to make Olderhood the online community for “Oldsters” around the world, and we welcome your ideas and assistance as we continue to grow.


Robin Trimingham and Bill Storie

2 responses to “The Thrilla in Manila

  1. 18,000 followers???? You have reached out… probably even more than the number of ‘oldsters’ in Bermuda!!!

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