What Topics or Concerns Should I Address in 2014?


By Bob Lowry
With 2014 only a few weeks old now seems likes a good time to ask what subjects or concerns you would like me to address in the coming months. As you know, I have made two changes to Satisfying Retirement this year: a broadened focus to include more than just retirement-focused topics, and a  change to twice a week posting.Since, I don’t feel quite as restricted with my topic choices, I am really looking for your thoughts. While I will continue to avoid some subjects that seem to generate more heat than light, I want to cast a wider net. After all, once someone is retired, he or she thinks about all sorts of things. Our lives are chocked full of activities and interests, as well as questions and concerns.

As long as a post appeals to my general market target of those 50+, retired or moving that way, almost anything that interests you might be fascinating to others.

So, fire away. What would you like to read about? What problems or questions would you appreciate me addressing? What is important to you and your life that has never been dealt with by me on these pages?

I want to explore travel, relationships, RVing, hobbies and passions that you have that might light the fire of others, books, music, and movies you love (or hate), the hassles of aging, moving to a smaller home, or an atypical housing choice (a yurt?), simplifying and frugality, changes in your life brought about health issues, or changes in your spirituality…….anything and everything that is part of the world of a 50+ person, moving through this journey we call life.

In a week or two I’ll recap all the suggestions and give you an idea of what might be on the horizon.

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Bob Lowry  is the author of the definitive retirement guides: Living A Satisfying Retirement and Building A Satisfying Retirement. Bob has been profiled in Money Magazine & CNNMoney.com as well as Ad Age Insight White Papers. He is a featured author in nationally released book, “65 Things To Do When You Retire” and “65 Things To Do When You Retire – Travel” as well as regular contributor to PBS’s Next Avenue web site.

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