My Challenges with Service Providers

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This has been a challenging week for me with the service professions.

Firstly let me tell you about how retirement pensions and the investment thereof work.

Suffice it too say that words such as “self-directed pension” don’t actually mean that. THEY tell YOU what they will give you and you have to choose from THEIR list … not yours, theirs. “I don’t like any of them.” “Too bad mate”

The notion that a 25 year-old pensions “expert” knows more about my lifestyle, financial situation and pension requirements, than I do, is a notion I’m having difficulty with.

They mean well – I give them that. More on this later.

Secondly, I tried throughout the month of December to get one of my technology service providers to charge my credit card. They’ve done it for years – a standard charge automatically taken each month.

However in December my card expiry date changed. I admit I forgot to tell them so they couldn’t take the charge. I found out, and sent them an e-mail to say everything is ok, take the charge now.

No luck.

A week later I send another e-mail, then 3 days later another. I call their Help Desk, tell them what the problem is, they transfer me to Accounting – nobody in. I leave a message. No reply. Then January rolls along and I get the monthly invoice ….. I am near to be in delinquency… !!! Another e-mail … no reply. But they do take the charge. Finally.

Thirdly, back in November I did my annual physical exam with my doctor. As part of the normal (I hope) process, I was lined up to do one of those stress tests things … walk on a treadmill until your legs fall off. Fair enough.

The forms were completed and submitted to the hospital where the test is done. I have heard nothing from them since.

Was I supposed to call them..?… No. Was I supposed to just show up..?…for sure No.

So, I just sit and wait and hope that one day I will have it done.

Having said all of the above I see absolutely no need to test my stress levels. I can tell THEM that they are high enough as it is.

On a brighter note (about time I hear you say), my days have got a lot longer and I’m busier than ever. All thanks to the enormous expansion of Olderhood. I don’t like to go on and on about this because you hear about it in other places, but given that it consumes a lot of my day, I really don’t have anything else to talk about. “Get a Life” they say.

Enough of that then.

So, I’ll end on a nice note. Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

With any luck you won’t need a service provider this weekend.




Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone?
James Thurber 

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