The Granny Blog – Be careful what you wish for!!


Written by Sheena Storie

All I wanted was a day to myself at the weekend. Not much to ask for, but even that came with its issues.

I just wanted to catch up on house items and relax mostly.

So yesterday was great. In the early hours, no toddlers running through the house and climbing up on the sofa. No big boys fighting over my iPad or the TV remote.

I cleaned a dresser drawer, tried on a few clothes before finally putting them in the charity shop bag and made some ginger snap cookies.

Then it was lunch time and after that I didn’t know what to do. So I tackled a pile of ironing and soon it was three o’clock in the afternoon.

Grandpa was busy with the computer and a football game on TV, so I thought he was enjoying the quietness of the house.

Eventually he asked me “What have we done. Is everyone avoiding us..?”

I explained about the request for a day off and he nodded, pensively, it seemed.

FINALLY …just after four o’clock the door bursts wide open, and in comes grandson number one…still in his football team colours, and muddy boots – but I didn’t care. Hurrah …a child in the house!!!

“Hi Grandma”, he said “what are you doing ..?” as he helped himself to a ginger cookie.

“Can I have some cheese.?”, and he opened the fridge door and helped himself. He took off to watch the football with Grandpa and I heard them discussing the tactics and cheering when a goal was scored.

Later his mum came in to visit with us and to share plans for Sunday. She sat with us for a while and we had some tea.

I was back to my old self… the Grandma was back IN her house!!!!!

The girls came to see us later, and we listened to stories and sang “Insy winsy spider” over and over with the grandkids (they were all here by then).

So my day turned out to be pretty good after all.

It was helpful to have some time by ourselves. But I know these little “children years” are not going to last for ever. So we must make the most of this precious time right now

One day they will be teenagers and will not want to hang out with the old folks. Maybe vice versa too of course !!

Yes, I will still need some time apart from the grandchildren – but not too often.

Cherish them while you can.

Grandparents are more important to grandchildren than you think.

Grannys are us!


Sheena Storie, Bermuda –

ssSheena is a grandmother of four children ranging in age from 2 months to 6 years. During her lifetime career as an educator, she was a learning support teacher to children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia.


One response to “The Granny Blog – Be careful what you wish for!!

  1. You are the best grandma, and the best Auntie! And I bet, even when the grand kids get to be teenagers they will still love coming to your house – I still do!

    Fiona xxx

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