Preparing for Retirement Part 4 – Family Life


As a recent retiree, Bill Storie, Founder of Olderhood, examines the factors of your current lifestyle that you CAN change as you approach “R-Day” …  and the factors you probably CAN’T.

Part 4 – Family Life

With more time on your hands than you’ve ever had, the entire ecosystem of the family changes. You change, obviously. But the family has to change as well to accommodate you. The street runs both ways.

The years and years when you left to go to work at 7 in the morning, not getting back until 6 at night, are memories now. The family got used to that schedule. Maybe they were glad to see you go of course !!

But now.

Well, now, you can lie in bed later if you wish ; have breakfast at the table instead of as you run out the door ; have the extra cup of coffee ; actually read the full newspaper ; maybe even read the e-mails that poured in overnight. So your life has changed. “For the better” you say. Hopefully.

However, having you around the house at “weird” times of the day can be a real challenge for the rest of the family. Now you know what they do all day. That knowledge may be amusing to you … “I always knew that the television was on all day. Aha !!”

However it may not be so amusing to everyone else. Being “found out” may be cute to you, but can be very unsettling to others. Those folks have probably established a nice routine over many years and now because YOU have retired, THEIR lives are turned upside down. No happy families any more.

“Where are you going..?” you say.

“To the grocery store” comes the reply

“What are you going to get.?” you ask.

“Food of course”

“Yeah but what.? Could you get some bananas please.?”


“In fact, maybe I’ll come with you” you say.

“Get lost” the reply flies across the room.

Then of course along comes nap time. Having you in the big chair in the living room at 2.30 pm every day, snoring your head of can cause enormous disruption. Spare a thought for those around you. How would you have liked someone in your office at the day job, making all sorts of strange noises for an hour every afternoon ..?

Thought so.

“I’m going to watch Oprah” you are advised.

“What.? I don’t like that show.”

“Too bad, I love her.”

“It will be annoying people with massive egos talking about how great they are. I hate that.”

“Well, I like it. And that’s that. I watch it every day.”

“We need to set new TV rules now that I’ve retired”, you suggest.

“You can take your rules and stick them…… expletives deleted.”

“I wish you were back at work”.

There is no easy way to assimilate to life at home all day. There just isn’t. This is NOT a one-man show. You have others to think about. Get used to it.

  1. Get out of the house on your own every day.
  2. Build a routine for yourself, being mindful of the routines of others.
  3. Watch Oprah … you might like her… !!

Next week Part 4 – Happy Hobbies

One response to “Preparing for Retirement Part 4 – Family Life

  1. * Out of the house daily, but with a planned Purpose (other than avoidance) – ocassionally return with something Useful.
    * Structure from the ‘new boss’ of your day – You . . . . (well perhaps spouse too).

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