Preparing for Retirement Part 5 – Happy Hobbies


As a recent retiree, Bill Storie, Founder of Olderhood, examines the factors of your current lifestyle that you CAN change as you approach “R-Day” …  and the factors you probably CAN’T.

Part 5 – Happy Hobbies

I don’t know about you, but I was never one for having a hobby. I was always too focused on business, or making money (well, trying to at least). The thought of spending hours and hours at some non-productive pastime, had zero appeal.

I’m not sure things have changed, now that I am retired.

I met a man in a model train shop in Toronto about a year ago, who had just recently retired. He was now a salesman in the shop and wow, did he enthuse over the trains, track, buildings etc that the shop sells.

I asked him if he had a model train layout at home himself, and he said, “Yup, been building it for the past 20 years.. !!”

“What !!!!”

I was giving serious consideration to building a layout in my own house, until I heard this fellow. There is no chance of me ever copying this wonderful feat. He had laboured at it every night and weekend for all that time. Great guy.

I would love to have a train layout in my house. I would even like to build model ships. Maybe even grow vegetables. How’s about painting. Or, re-building old cars.

OK, I give up. I’m not a hobbies man.

So, to those of you who have the interest and the desire and the enthusiasm and of course, the stamina, I take my hat off to you. Ideally it would be a driver’s hat from a long train meandering through the Canadian Rockies. One can but dream.

I think that if you have waited all your life to get the spare time to do something you have wanted to do all your life, then now is the time of your life to get on with it. I applaud your zeal.

Of course, some people classify traveling as a hobby, now that you have the time. Or going to more sports events. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics.” They say. OK, go.

There are countless books and magazines and online places to read everything about hobbies nowadays. Unlike when I was a youngster, when I knew several old geezers (!!) who had hobbies. I’m talking about the 1950s, early 60s. They had to rely on library books and magazines and sending away for stuff, hoping it was “as advertised”. Building a model train set back then was about as complex and time-consuming as building the Panama Canal.

Of course I speak as man in all of this. So, how’s about the ladies.

I recently met a lady who has an online coaching service about crocheting. She told me that there are thousands and thousands of ladies around the world who love to crochet. Who knew. Making nice designs in textiles or on canvas.

I must go and search for websites with ideas for hobbying. Maybe I’m missing out on something.

  1. If you have always fancied a hobby, get on with it now.
  2. If you like the idea, but lack the “what to do”, start Googling.
  3. If you get bored, come back here, and you and I can chat ;-))

Next week Part 6 – Travel Schedules

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