Bill’s Blog – The week in review


Well I imagine that today being Valentines Day I should talk about romantic things. Chocolates and Roses. There, I’ve done it. That enough..? ;-))

Legend has it that this all started with a fellow called St. Valentine of Rome, way back then (3rd Century). It seems he liked to wed people, especially soldiers who were otherwise forbidden to marry. Hence the “romance” element crept in to our lives ever since.

But that’s not true.

Valentines Day was created by a man call Joyce. There’s your first clue.

Joyce (get used to it !!) lived in Nebraska in the U.S. It was 1910 and he decided that the world needed to express its love for one another. He realised that he could make a buck or two by offering people a written method of sending love messages to other people far away. The telephone was in its infancy, and texting was still in Star Trek, so he reckoned that a paper-based communication system was needed.

Thus Joyce entered the Hall of Fame.


I’ve been watching the events unfold this week on the massive amount of flooding in Southern England. Some of the pictures are truly staggering. Along the banks of the River Thames, for some distance back towards the hills, there are countless numbers of houses, some of them very expensive, underwater. Climate change, Government funding redirected away from riverbed clearings and so forth to blame. To make it worse, storm after storm comes battering in from the Atlantic. The weather systems in North America (that polar bear fellow again !!) causing damage several thousand miles away across the ocean. Who said climate change was a figment of the imagination. Save the Trees, I say.

And of course, the endless, daily procession of politicians, wearing their “welly boots” to get their photo taken, to show they care. Yeah right.


A week or so back I mentioned that I was looking into how my pension fund was invested. Well, I met some people this week to discuss it. It was a good meeting, although still doesn’t get me closer to running my own money, but their options seemed plausible, given the mandatory nature of pension programmes here. I’ll share the solution with you maybe next week, once I have sorted it all out.


They tell me that the Winter Olympics have started. From the photos I have seen thus far of the stadium attendances, it seems that I’m not the only one who missed it. I’m all in favour of different places around the world hosting Games of this nature, but surely the issue of getting people to visit (air travel etc) and to stay in reasonable hotels etc., must be on top of the list. Athletes are sturdy enough to go wherever they need to (and probably young enough to handle the hassle), but us older folks (remember us – we’re the folks with the money !!) would prefer it to be a wee bit easier to attend. Rant over.


And finally, Our Olderhood International Club is holding another get together today in Manila, Philippines. People are meeting to enjoy Valentines Day, live and in person. What a wonderful idea. Thanks to all. Once again, technology will hopefully allow yours truly to join in the fun by Skype. Maybe they’ll send me some chocolates. Well done folks.

That’s it  !!

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye, Bill

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

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