A matter of perception


This week I headed out to Chicago on what was supposed to be a  three day business trip which is in the process of becoming an epic journey during which I will spend a delightful night in Denver and a whole day in Newark before finally boarding a flight home to Bermuda on Tuesday.

Naturally I will continue to try to make a reasonable effort to find a more efficient route home, but unless something changes I will literally be taking the long way home.

At first I was frustrated but the powerlessness of my predicament, then stressed and annoyed that I was not able to secure alternate arrangements (I did a broad based search on kayak.com and was not a little alarmed when it boldly pronounced that it had checked 400 possible flights and there were NO seats at any price ) and finally almost relieved when the airline emailed me a bizarre new itinerary because at least I knew that I would eventually be departing the Windy City.

I have had rather a lot of free time to consider how to respond to all of this and made a few surprising discoveries about myself. Make no mistake, back in the day being marooned in the dead of winter on valentine weekend would have beyond freaked me out. These days however I am actually thankful for the unexpected rest and I have literally decided to make the most of all of this. I have worked out in the health club, had long bubble baths, enjoyed a glass or two of merlot, done a little shopping and had a manicure. Most girls would kill for a free weekend like this – how lucky am I?

Will Denver and Newark be as exciting? No idea but I can tell you that I am going to make the effort to do something “memorable to me”  in each place. No these small things won’t be blog worthy but they will most definitely be in keeping with the one New Years resolution that I did make to myself, which was to take better care of myself.

i don’t know about you, but I think it is very important to find ways to keep the promises that you make to yourself; if you don’t how can you trust yourself let alone anyone else? And even worse, if you don’t find ways to keep the promises you make to yourself, how can you claim to be living an authentic life, and not just going through the motions?

If gratitude is knowing that every encounter has a positive purpose, then I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time here to realize this; I’m just not sure what a night in Denver will teach me, that I couldn’t learn at home!  (G)


2 responses to “A matter of perception

  1. Nicely ‘reframed’ (the incient and your reaction to it) AND nice lesson learned ” . . find ways to keep the promises that you make to yourself”. Wisdom comes at a high price – recycling it to others, makes that price worth it.

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