Enough already … I am falling asleep!


…but to begin.

I watch a lot of self-help videos and/or listen to audio recordings

Like most people, I seem to be attracted to the “sizzle” of these productions. I am not easily persuaded to buy, but I do like to check them out. I have bought some over the years, but not many. Nonetheless I keep looking.

Some of them are really very good, well produced, easy to listen to, and short enough to keep my attention. On the other hand some of them irritate me endlessly.

I will never understand why those who make these recordings insist on taking the first half to tell me what I am listening to and why it is the greatest thing I have ever seen, and why it will change my life for ever, and why I can’t wait to know the inner secrets.


Why am I here in the first place…? I am here because I have read the advertising, I have an interest, and I do want to know more. So why do you insist on telling all over again. I do not need to be reminded of why I am doing this. I really don’t. I am smart enough to work out that if I arrived at your production then I probably have an interest in knowing what you are saying, or even selling.

This is like going into a grocery store and having the assistants tell me why I am here, what foods they have, and what benefits the foods possess, all the time preventing me from actually buying the food that I came to buy. I can handle the occasional banner dangling over one of the aisles, but I have no time to be pounded by pointless notifications that I am in the grocery store to buy groceries. I know where I am (well, most of the time), let me get on with it.

I understand why some producers feel they have to fill up their productions and make them look bigger than they need to be. It’s like a consultant being paid by the page rather than being paid for the findings. Like most people I believe, I want the information being advertised, not the advertising sales pitch and glossy photos themselves.

I would be considerably more inclined to buy the video if it recognises that I am fairly intelligent and it just delivers the material, without any more frills.

I know some of our readers do in fact make self-help productions, so would you please cut to the chase and produce recordings that I can get into at the top, from the very beginning, at the outset – this is not a huge ask, it really isn’t. I really would prefer to buy – or not to buy – based on your material, not your frivolous commercials. Please.

So there we are … another impatient patient. Another one who is prepared to buy now, not later, not tonight, not tomorrow, not next week. Now.

“We will you tell everything you need to treat insomnia…but to begin……”

Enough already. Don’t bother. I’ve just fallen asleep waiting for you. !!

One response to “Enough already … I am falling asleep!

  1. Pablum proceeded by pablum – mostly the fault of amateur production, similar to vanity press. Agree what’s needed is Churchillian “tell them what it will be – then tell them what it is – then recap with what you have told them’. IF the Introduction was FREE and you bought after seeing it, perhaps their production values would improve in reaction to declining sales.

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