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whatsapp I can’t make up my mind this week whether I need to speak to Wayne Rooney or Mark Zuckenberg.

For those who are not into the football (oops, soccer) world, Mr. Rooney plays for Manchester United Football Club in England. He is in the process of signing a new contract with the Club, which will pay him £300,000 EVERY week. That’s a cool US$ 500,000 a week. Even at this age, they could get me for less than that. I’ll still write for Olderhood I promise.

On the other hand, maybe Mark would be amenable to buying me out. This week, “Mr. Facebook” just agreed to buy “WhatsApp”, a relatively new, but rapidly-growing Internet company for a cool US$19 Billion. Yes, that is a “B”, not an “M”.  Even by Mr. Rooney’s standards that’s a big number.

So Mark, how’s about we cut a deal. Drop the “B” and just send me the “M”. Thanks mate.


My discussions regarding pension (see previous updates) scaled up this week. I met another retiree who, like me, is both confused and angry, at how his pension funds are being distributed. I found out that our local pension authority will consider earlier payout of a person’s pension … IF they get a letter from their doctor. In other words, if your doctor says – in writing – that you will snuff it on Thursday, October 18, 2017, then the authority may think about paying out YOUR money sooner.

I can barely write this. I have never heard of such a disturbing rule, or law, whatever it is. Firstly, what doctor would say that, far less write it..? Secondly, who would adjudicate a claim were such a letter to be issued..? If this is indeed true, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then the absurdity, not to mention disturbing human rights issues, is beyond my comprehension. I’m sure someone will read this and tell me I’m talking rubbish……. Please tell me, please .. !!!  (

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …


On a lighter note, we’ll be starting a new Column in the Blog and on Facebook next week. We’ve read mountains of research, read personal tales, asked questions, conducted surveys and so forth. Throughout all of that, there is one word which is used every single time, when people, retired, or soon to be retired, discuss their thoughts and feelings.

So, that’s the word we will use to “head-up” the new Column. Order your advance copy today, by sending $1 BBBillion to me by next Monday. Go on. You first, Mark !!!


And finally, Our Olderhood International Club goes from strength to strength. With now over 700 Members worldwide (and growing daily), we are really finding the Club to be a trusted place for people “of age” to meet, share and enjoy each other’s company. It is now very valuable to many people. The nice thing about the Club is that we have people from all around the world, who are, by and large, like-minded. They share the same interests in personal lifestyle, health, money, grandkids, music, travel and so forth. Come join us :-

  • The Olderhood International Club … (Membership Free) at… (“Add to Group”).  Please check that you enter your e-mail address correctly.

That’s it  !!

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye, Bill

We learn from failure, not from success!

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