A challenging week for Granny


The Granny Blog, by Sheena Storie, Bermuda

This has been a challenging week for Granny.

It all began with the two year old granddaughter who had a really high fever and was vomiting. Her mummy stayed home with her, but I helped when she needed a break

After two days and no change for the better, off we all went to the doctor who declared a virus was going around. “So, just keep the little one comfortable and give her something for the fever.”

That seemed fair enough but that afternoon the three year old grandson was sent home from Nursery with a fever and now he was vomiting.

Grandma to the rescue … again.

By that evening the two year old was not much improved and her cousin was not too bad, but listless.

So that evening, I brought the baby (granddaughter) to my place to let her mum and her sister time to catch breath and get some sleep.

Next day, I was a little tired but coping (just), however now the two year old’s mummy was sick.

So now we were juggling between who had who, and which one of us could cope better. Another day with the 2 year-old, plus the 3-year old, on the couch. And, again I kept the baby overnight

By Friday things were becoming manageable. But no one was eating and the little ones were barely sipping some water. Then the other mummy (I have two daughters) brought home her oldest boy from school …yes… vomiting and fever.

“Ok just join the rest on the sofas.”

I was ever so glad to see Friday evening and children back in their own homes.

I have used as much hand sanitiser as I could find and disinfected all corners of my house, repeatedly.

I anticipated that I would catch this dreaded virus but I haven’t so far. Fingers, toes and everything crossed.

To add to this drama, my brother in Scotland called with a dilemma for me to sort out for my father who is 97 years young. So I was on the phone several times long distance to resolve the issue.

Saturday we had a water pipe burst at our house, and water was collecting in the walls and finally burst through some holes onto our yard. So the plumber was called. He had to dig out the pipe and install a replacement. Fortunately for us it burst outwards into the garden, and not into the house.

And today (Sunday) we are going to a memorial service for a good friend who passed away a few weeks ago

I think I’m done with February…

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