Retirement Happiness – Volume 1 Issue 1

Happiness Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Over the past several months since the launch of Olderhood, we have closely observed the interests of our Followers around the world.

We have asked questions and received answers. We have published articles on specific topics and gauged the interest levels. We have examined the impact of quotes, of sayings, of humor, and we have measured the results.

While different people in different countries, from different backgrounds, different cultures, different religions and different financial situations, all have different issues and concerns …… the similarities are much more significant than their differences.

Our research clearly supports our core mantra, that as long as Olderhood maintains its policy of being “old ourselves” and thus have a good idea of what “fellow Oldsters” have an interest in, then we are on the right track. The evidence is over-whelming.

Whether we are post-War babies, baby boomers, senior citizens, retirees, “old geezers”, or whatever you want to call us … the things that appeal to us, all come from the same era. Health. Money. Music. Morals. Sport. Lifestyle … have all been influenced by our upbringing.

In truth, our philosophy is that we desperately want to bring back those days. We know we can’t, but we can still keep our faith, our beliefs and our hopes. We shall not be moved !!!

From the woman who now lives alone in Manila … to the married couple in Arizona who drive around in their RV … to the English lady who retired to live in Goa, India … to the American expatriate living in Mexico City … to the family man, retired from the Indian Railways in Srinigar, India … to the lady preparing for retirement on her own in the Western Cape, South Africa …  to the Canadian couple who now live in central France … to the Filipino lady who now lives in Oregon …. and on, and on, and on……..

……….. they are all Followers of Olderhood. They are all reading this.

And throughout all of the thousands of communications we have witnessed, there is one word that everyone wants to cling to ….. HAPPINESS.

The recurring emotion uppermost in everyone’s mind, or wish list perhaps, is that they want to have Happiness. In every sentence about retirement spoken by us Oldsters, whether the theme is money, or health, or family life, or love, or hobbies, etc the word “Happiness” is always part of that sentence, whether actually spoken, or implied, or just an underlying thought. It is THE most common word in the language of the retiree….. by far.

We may not always have Happiness, but we always crave it. All of us.

Olderhood responds.

Starting today, we publish :

“The Olderhood … Retirement Happiness … Column”

The Column will be published every week. We will incorporate our personal experiences, thoughts and opinion. We will utilize research reports and material. And we will seek input from you, so feel free to write to me, Bill Storie, Founder (

We would especially love to hear some of your stories about your own retirement. Share your experiences with us……. We will publish your name – or not (guaranteed). Your location will be published because that is of great interest to everyone.

What we will do – and what we won’t :- 

We will endeavor to find the positive angles on any subject,


We will not paint rosy pictures and gloss over the realities of life

just to validate the Column.

That’s enough to get started. If you have any immediate comments, suggestions or thoughts, do not hesitate to contact me at

So, this first Issue of The Olderhood Retirement Happiness Column is to merely make you aware of what we are doing. We’ll begin the adventure next week. We hope you will join us.

“May you have Happiness all your Life”.

The Olderhood Team.

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