Bill Blog – The Week in Review


This was a great week in Olderhood.

We started a brand new column called Retirement Happiness. After many months of listening to our Followers who have shared many concerns and issues regarding their own lives, especially now in retirement, we reacted to their needs.

It has become more and more evident that concerns about health, and finances, and loneliness, and boredom and many other issues are all valid…. however the vast majority of Olderhood Members can somehow see beyond those issues and would be more than satisfied with a little bit of light relief, or humor, or happiness at the core of their retirement.

Hopefully we can be of assistance in helping those people meet new friends, around the world, share their experiences and perhaps above all else, realize that their concerns are shared by millions of others.


What else did I do this week you might ask.

Watched Real Madrid humiliate Schalke from Germany in the Champions League. That fellow Ronaldo can sure play football. With a little bit of training I reckon I could have been that good in my day. Ok, a slight exaggeration. I was really good at football (soccer, ok). Watching it I mean !!!

I had another run-in with a software service I use for documentaries. For some reason I kept having to login again and again and again. But each time, after I had (correctly) inserted my User ID and Password, it asked me to type in the words in the “Captcha” test thingy. Unbelievable. The letters are all squished together and jumbled up. So, I send a note to their Admin people. This fellow writes back and says it’s ok at his end. Thanks pal. So I send him a screen shot of one which has a letter in it which is not in any alphabet anywhere and certainly not on my computer. It is literally a squiggle with a halo. They do this to annoy me, I get it. And of course, I’m the only one in the universe that they do this to. I get that too. Common sense just isn’t as common as some people think.


I saw that Paul and Ringo got together again in Los Angeles. Ok, I’m about 10 days late but I’m slow these days. I have to say I have always been greatly impressed with Paul McCartney. He is a really nice lad. To show off for a second if I may, I met him many years ago with his then wife Linda (who sadly passed) and the kids at the Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He was really chatty and very open. The Manager of the Hotel at that time came from Manchester, so you can imagine how the lad from Liverpool and him teased each other, especially about weather. We sat one afternoon at the beach bar, and they rattled each other for a couple of hours about where it rained more. So Hi Paul, Y’awright mate? (He reads Olderhood these days !)


Finally, I imagine there will be millions of people in the garden this weekend. Did you read about the couple in California who found $10 million worth of gold coins in their garden, under a tree. Honestly. They came from the Gold Rush they think. And I always thought those people walking along beaches with geiger counters and headphones looking for buried treasure, were nuts. Where’s my shovel ??

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye, Bill

Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

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